Friday, March 09, 2012

Video Friday-Lip Sync #1

So, last week I finally entered the new world and got an iPhone. Now, I have Siri running all my errands and I can record my kids whenever I feel like it. It's fabulous! I think the video option is my favorite favorite feature. I caught two gems last week. Yes, we are in the car, but it is parked and not even running. Safety first, of course.

A little background before you watch. A couple weeks ago, Auntie introduced a couple new songs to the kids while she was so generously taking care of them for the weekend. The kids, but Kate especially, latched onto these songs and Kate refuses to let go. I was forced to purchase them and we listen to them constantly. Very quickly, Kate developed a lip sync routine to them. Here is her rendition of The Band Perry's If I Die Young.

Next, you can watch her brother copying her...

Video Friday-Lip Sync #2

Here is Robbie doing the same. You can see he is constantly checking out his sister to make sure his choregraphy is correct.

Happy Friday.

Get it Right, Mom

The verbal exchange between Robbie and I this morning...

Mommy, I want sum murky!

Ok, let's get you some milk.

No, Mommy. It's MURKY.


Yea! Good job Mommy!

It's nice to have your own cheering section in the morning.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Dance Style or Candy?

Kate found "Davis Duck" in our local TJs this morning, therefore earning herself and her brother a lollipop. I, being the good mommy I am, immediately put Robbie's in my pocket hoping he would forget about it.

But no.

As we were walking to the car, my son yells:

Mommy! I want my hip hop!