Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Change of Status

I just changed my Blogger profile name from "pandksmommy" to "threeforme." It's still me...don't think some random stranger is leaving you comments on your blog. Although, sometimes it's really fun when people you don't know leave you a comment. If they aren't crazy or stalking you or something like that. At least now you know who's stalking you...

Sleeping Baby

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Padyn started swim team this summer. It started this week and everyday she's been going to an hour long "practice." While she's one of the youngest in the pool, and certainly one of the least experienced swimmers, she seems to be having the best time out there in the cold pool.
I don't have any photos of her actually swimming yet, but here are some from Tuesday morning. We decided that pigtails are the best swim practice hair style. She really wants a cap, but I haven't found one that will stay on her head yet.

She is still working on her side breathing, so they don't have her swimming the length of the pool yet with freestyle. She can swim it with a modified breaststroke pull or with the kickboard. To say I'm proud of her is an understatement. I'm so impressed that she gets in that big pool Monday morning without hesitation. Not that I'm really surprised...it could very well be genetic.
I'd say she's pretty proud of herself, too.

Blood Sisters

Last week, Kate told Daddy,"I don't have blood. I'm not a big sister."

What? And no one remembers the context.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Update and Comparison at Two Months

Wednesday, the 17th, was Robert's two month birthday marker. I didn't post then because I didn't have any new information to share with you yet. But after his two month appointment yesterday, I now have some stats to share. We'll combine the two month update and the photo comparison today for the sake of saving time.

I didn't realized I had skipped comparing the kids when they were one month old...I think I didn't have any good pictures of Robbie then. I wasn't quite back in the swing of things yet, either. (Don't let that fool you...I'm not really back into the swing of things yet, but since he now sleeps for about 5 hours during the first stretch of the night, I feel much better than I did when he was one month old.)

So first, here's a picture of Robbie from yesterday, the day of his 2 month appointment. I put this picture up because I was impressed with the blueness of it. That was caused by the flash of my camera bouncing off his blue wall. It's a very blue wall... At two months, the boy is 9 pounds, 7 ounces. I'm actually quite impressed with this because I figured he was still in the 8's. (He really doesn't look like he's gained much weight because he is still so skinny.) Remember, he was 6 lbs 5oz at birth, so he's progressing up the growth chart curve appropriately. Never mind that he's still between the 5th and 10th percentile...

His length is now 21 inches and change, up 2 inches from birth. I did figure out he was lengthening because he no longer fits into his newborn size clothes. Impressively, this length is actually below the 5th percentile for Average Length of Boys in the United States. Oh well...he is adequately proportioned for weight and length, so I don't really care that he's a peanut. He's my peanut.
No new tricks, really. There is a rare smile here and there, and he is starting to sleep a bit longer at night. I have to say this for him, though. Of my three, he is definitely the easiest and mellowest. He only cries for a reason, unlike the other two that would just cry to cry (especially between the hours of 5 and 8pm). He's easily soothed and it's pretty easy for me to figure out what he needs. He definitely has a routine and an established bed time. He even usually eats at the same times each day. It's like he has put himself on a schedule. Oh, and unlike my other two, he actually naps. Praise the Lord! The girls both had to be in the stroller or in the car to take a nap that lastest longer than 15 minutes until they were around 6 months old. This guy actually enjoys sleeping in his bassinet, and instead of sleeping for only 15 minutes, he sleeps for 45 minutes anywhere up to 3 hours.
Unfortunately, he seems to hate his car seat. I think that's his only complaint. When we went to Tahoe last weekend, what should have taken us 2 hours took 4 on the way and 3 on the way back due to his screaming and needing to stop to soothe/feed him. My shoulder and back are still tweaked from reaching in his bassinet to hold the pacifier in his mouth in an attempt to stop the screaming. It didn't really work.

I didn't have the blog going when Padyn was two months old, so I can't tell you anything about what she was like or even how much she weighed. But you can read here and here about Miss Katelyn. She was a busy baby.

And now, for the photo comparisons...I'll put Robbie between the two girls so you can more easily compare their features.

Robert PadynKateRobert PadynKateRobert PadynDaddy thinks Robbie at two months looks more like Kate when she was 1 month old...



Happy Friday!

Monday, June 15, 2009


...in my eyes because the boy just finally smiled at me! Twice!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo Friday-Sleeping Babies and Last Day Celebrations

Yesterday was the last day of the 08-09 school year for us. Kate will be moving to a different preschool next year and Padyn is moving onto 1st grade. GASP! I have a first grader! I'm supposed to be the teacher, not the parent. It's a bit surreal and I'm sure I'll be grappling with my new reality for a while...

Anyways, here are some shots from yesterday's school celebrations...Padyn and one of her BF's, Ninners. Fingers crossed that they are in the same class next year.

P and her teacher, Mrs. B...
Kate and her teacher...
For Kate's last day, her little class went to the park to play. I joined them for a few minutes to get some photos...

And now onto the sleeping baby...
I love it when Lil' R falls asleep in my arms, then actually stays asleep when I put him down. It doesn't happen often...

Sweet little hand...how did you escape the swaddle?
We're at the lake now, so hopefully I'll get a few good pics this weekend. So far, I've only managed to take a much needed nap...
Happy Friday.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Small Comparison

I found this just now while I was searching back through old posts to figure out when Kate first smiled. I'm a bit desperate for Robbie to smile just to make the gassy nights worth it...

Doesn't she look so much different than he does at 6 weeks? Robert is alert these days, but Kate looked like she was ready to engage you in conversation compared to him. And she's so much bigger looking!

Of course, I have to remember that Kate was only (only!) ten days early while Robbie was 26 days ahead of schedule. I wonder how that 16 day difference will translate out.

I wish I had been blogging when Padyn was born...then we could find her "First Smile" post, too. But I wasn't. So, when I find my photo albums, I'll go through hers and see when that first smile appeared on her lips. She was 21 days early...a much better comparison for young Robert.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Photo Friday-Take Two

This post is just of Robert. I missed getting photos of him up last week for his 6 week mark, so I'll do it today to commemorate his 6 and 7 week mark. Hard to believe he'll be two month old already in just over a week...

This is right before he turned 6 weeks. I didn't include a full shot, but he looks tiny in the swing (Yes! I found the swing in storage! Hurray!)These next couple are from the day he turned 6 weeks. We have many pleasant moments in the morning hanging out on the changing table...These were earlier this week, leading up to his 7 week mark. I included a full shot in the bouncy seat just so you could see how tiny he really is. (No new stats until we go to our 2 month appointment in a couple weeks.)And here he is this morning, as he turned 7 weeks. Mornings are a good time...he's usually alert and happy for a while before the crankiness takes over and he wants to be held or eat the rest of the day...And just because I like to start humiliating my children early in life...Next week, look for 2 month comparison photos...

Happy Friday.

Photo Friday-Take One

Since I missed Photo Friday last week and some people (I won't name names) where very upset about it, I decided I'd do two photo posts today to make up for it. The first here is a bunch of random photos taken over the last 10 days or so. These all seem to have the theme of "playtime." I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened.
Padyn had a special play day at school earlier this week. She came home with many new creations and a couple paintings on her face. She loved this butterfly, but is not happy today since the butterfly is gone, but a few streaks of pink still remain on her face. (What is in that pink paint that makes it immune to soap and scrubbing?)The blocks have become a favorite toy again this last week. Maybe it's because we now have a large expanse of floor where they can be laid out in all their glory. Here's the "castle" that Padyn was extremely proud of. She demanded I take a picture of it. I am quite impressed...As you can see, Kate's castle creation is not quite on the same playing field as Padyn's, but she was much more interested in knocking Padyn's buildings down than building one of her own. But she did manage to get a little one together. I think I may have helped with its construction...Robbie received this little Dalmatian puppy from these guys and it has become a focal point on the changing table. This shot makes it look like he is reaching out to grab it, which of course he is not. He doesn't have that kind of control yet. But he does seem to enjoy staring at the dog.And lastly, as always seems to be the case with baby toys, Kate decided Robbie's toy was more fun than her own. She was SOOOOO excited about this one because it's the Baby Einstein theme. Recently with Mommy being preoccupied with nursing 15 times a day, Kate has had the pleasure of watching more videos than usual. She discovered the Baby Einsten ones, which she had never gotten to watch before (because Padyn didn't want to watch them anymore). She particularly enjoys the water animal one, so when she saw this playmat, she thought she she'd hit the lottery.Happy Friday! Enjoy your playtime this weekend.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm A Big Girl Now

Three nights ago Kate asked to sleep in her underwear. After a brief consultation with Daddy (because it might very well fall on him to change wet sheets in the middle of the night) we decided she could.

Two nights in a row, two dry mornings in a row.

She's barely three! How is she doing that? Is it the jelly beans she gets in the morning or is she just dehydrated?

We even heard her get up at 2am to go potty...this is no easy feat, mind you, as our only bathroom is on the opposite side of the house from her bedroom.

But last night she wanted to be back in a pull-up. Not really sure why. It was dry this morning, of course.

She's getting so grown up!

Desperately Out of Shape

Yesterday, during my walk, I decided to do a little slow jogging...you know, just to see what it felt like having not jogged in 7 months or so.

I jogged for two minutes, maybe three...maybe. That was about all the milking instruments could take, even in a good sports bra.

Sure, I was pushing the tandem Graco stroller with Kate and Robert in it. But that isn't very hard to do when you are just going straight on level ground.

Three minutes, tops. SLOWLY.

Today? My hipflexors are sore.