Monday, October 30, 2006

The Desert-Post III:The Palm Springs Air Museum

On our way to Grandma's house last Saturday, we stopped in at the Palm Springs Air Museum. We were extra excited when we found out it was free to us military folk. Small joys...

Anyway, we didn't stay longer than an hour, and really, there's only so many airplanes Mommy can look at and read about before she's totally done. But she is good at taking pictures, and what better pictures to take than Padyn enjoying what Daddy does!

Doesn't she look tiny under this plane? And it wasn't a very big one.
Padyn really wanted to get on this motorcyle, that you weren't allowed to touch, but she did NOT want to get on the one you actually could sit on.
Kate! This could be the Christmas card photo! Would you PLEASE look at the camera? Apparently not. How hard can it be to take a picture of the two girls while they are both looking at the camera and look relatively happy? Apparently, very hard if this is the cutest one I got. In the others, Kate looks terrified. Like she thinks Padyn is going to crush her to death.
I just love her smile in this picture. It's clear that she's having a very good time.
Doesn't she look tiny in this one? I don't remember this, so it must have been when Kate and I went back to the car to nurse.

A Padynism

Padyn has a new "tatoon" that she is very proud of. It's a red heart that says Girls Rule.

It's on her arm and she likes to show it off to people.

She reminds me everynight in the bathtub not to wash it off.

She tells me every morning, "Mommy, my tatoon is still there!"

Little does she know that some people actually pay to have needles stuck into them to get their very own "tatoons."

Oops, There It Is

The other day I wrote about how Kate hadn't cut any teeth yet. Well, you should only write about things on your blog that you want to happen.

Last night, after being asleep for over 3 hours, Kate woke up screaming. I, being the loving, compassionate mother I am, wanted to let her cry it out. Especially after I had already been in twice in 20 minutes-once to retrieve the paci and once to nurse her. Daddy was a bit more compassionate (I had already thrown the pillow over my head and was praying, "Why, God, why?") While he was in there with her, Kate's screams woke Padyn up, so then I got up, again, and went to fix that. On my way back to bed I decided we should do what we always do when our children are inexplicably cranky-drug them. We gave Kate a bit of gas medicine and baby Tylenol, and she soon settled down (with Daddy's help). Thankfully, we didn't hear from her again until 4:45am. (Remember that time change? It's a killer with little ones. They don't seem to notice that they gained an hour on Sunday morning.)

We had one happy baby this morning. She was all goo-goo and gaa-gaa on the changing table. And that's when I saw it. Some white on her lower gum. I stuck my finger in there and, sure enough, there was the jagged little bone of her new tooth protruding from her gum. And if you look closely, it looks like the next one is right on top of it.

It might be a long few nights.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Desert-Post II:The Living Desert Zoo

Yes, there is a zoo in Palm Desert. Everyone I have told seems surprised by that. Maybe because it seems cruel to have animals locked in cages where summertime temperatures reach above 110 degrees. But alas, these are desert animals. Hence the name, The Living Desert. Although, even these animals who are accustomed to hotter climates get a break in the summer. I noticed on a sign that the summer hours for the zoo are 8:00am to 1:30pm. Just to compare, other seasons it's 9am to 4pm. So, the zoo people really are trying to look out for the animals.

There were the normal California desert animals-coyotes, tortoises, and snakes. Then there were the Africa warm weather animals-the camels, giraffes, hyenas, and gazelle type creatures. There were also many types of cats, big and small (the big ones where never to be seen as they were sleeping somewhere in the shade). We enjoyed watching many different butterfly species flutter about us in the Butterfly Experience! tent. There was also...ummm. There were other animals, I'm sure, but I can't recall them now. Honestly, it was just hot. Too hot to keep it all straight.

Padyn started melting about 3 minutes after we got in there. I was shocked she lasted as long as she did. Kate's cheeks were bright red after about 20 minutes. The child that never stops moving had met her match. She was still in that stroller. We tried to stick to the shade as much as possible, and keep us all hydrated, but even still, heat like that is just tiring. You don't even really feel like you are sweating because it just evaporates. But even with the heat, I think the girls had a good time. Well, Padyn had a good time. She got to cruise in the Safari Mobile:Kate experienced the big girl stroller for the first time ever on this trip. And Daddy had his first zoo experience with his daughters. I'd say, all in all, it was worth the few hours we spent at the zoo. But next time? We'll be there when they open. Not at 11:30.

(Just so you know, when we went home, we immediately took naps, then jumped into the pool as soon as we got up.)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Desert-Post I: Swimming

Since I took so many pictures on our trip down south last week, I decided to split them up into different posts as to maximize the pictures viewed. First off, the swimming...

Yes, the desert is hot. But not that hot at this time of year. Funny how high 80's and low 90's feels unbearable up north during the summer, but welcome in the desert in the fall. It provides a wonderful excuse to lounge for hours in the pool and not feel guilty. So that's what we did.

The condo is terrific because it's only steps from the pool. This particular pool has a nice set of wide steps that Padyn could easily play on. One game involved moving back and forth on the steps in different ways: hopping, skating, get the picture. Padyn thought that was big fun.
As you can see, Daddy was also big fun in the pool. Padyn loved standing up on his shoulders and jumping off. I didn't post that picture here because it looks identical to this one my mom took this summer. Only the bathing suit and pool are different. Padyn is already learning the loveliness of one of Mommy's favorite pastimes: laying out by the pool. Soon she'll realize the experience can be maximized with a good book and some Diet Coke.
The noodle, as always, was the favorite toy for Padyn.
Kate was extremely happy in her little floaty boat. The seat part was a bit high in the water, so I made sure to hold onto it most of the time so that she couldn't tip over. Of course, no one is perfect. At one point, I turned around for 5 seconds to watch Padyn do something, and when I turned back, all I could see of Kate was her little feet sticking straight up in the air. If I hadn't been a swimmer and hadn't already had daughter who never minded getting dunked in the pool, I may have panicked when I saw my 6 month old upside-down, stuck underwater. Instead, I flipped her back up, took her out and held her for a while. She never even cried. Her nose ran for a bit, and she looked a bit shell shocked for a few minutes, but the episode didn't seem to bother her in the least. Just part of her normal routine: eat, poop, sleep, flip over in the pool and get stuck underwater.
(These pictures were taken after that episode, so you can see she wasn't traumatized by it. She was happy to get back into the floater. Nevertheless, I did not turn away from her again.)Our goal was to swim at least twice everyday. We didn't quite accomplish that, but we were in it twice our first and last days. I think next time we'll take at least one more day to do nothing but hang out by the pool and play. That seemed to be what we all enjoyed the most.
Does this look like a kid traumatized by an early childhood pool experience? I think not.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Dangers of Forward Motion

While Kate is continuing to master the forward motion, I wouldn't call it "crawling" yet. It's more of a foot push/tummy scoot. Regardless, it has added some frustration to Kate's life. I haven't had to worry about her getting too close to the stairs yet nor do I set her down on the tile floor. It's not that. It's that she constantly manages to find the leg of the coffee table or the wall...with her head. I'm surprised she has no bruises. On Tuesday she hit her forehead 3 times in the space of 2 hours. And she wasn't down on the floor that much. I think she starts pushing toys around (right at this moment it's a beach ball) and she follows it-right into hard objects.

Oops, gotta go. She's about to follow it into the fireplace bricks.

Something Padyn Actually Did First

While there are a few things Padyn did before Kate when she was a babe (slept through the night, grew hair, ate solids), Kate definitely has taken the lead in most areas (weight, rolling, crawling). But I realized there is one thing Kate is slower than Padyn at doing-getting teeth. By this time (6 months, 3 weeks) Padyn had cut two teeth. I keep thinking Kate is teething and occasionally I'm positive I see teeth there in her bottom gums. But, alas, nothing sharp is poking out yet. Today I can't see anything at all.

Don't misunderstand. I'm not actually disappointed Kate doesn't have teeth yet. Because, really? This girl? Her personality? I think she'll be all excited about biting me when those teeth get here. And Mommy can do without the biting while nursing, thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sneak Preview

Here's a few highlights of our trip. These aren't the best photos, just the ones that give you an idea of what we spent our time doing. More and better to come soon.

Padyn and Kate lounging at the poolside Pretending to be a butterfly at the Living Desert Zoo
Loving the Bumbo Chair (and her big sister)
Playing with motorcycles at the Palm Springs Air Museum
Look, Daddy. I can be a pilot, too!

Helping Grandpa Lane blow out his birthday candles Hanging in the pool

Monday, October 23, 2006


*Padyn seemed to recover from her illness by Monday afternoon. She slept all morning, then was herself by 3pm. She went to school on Tuesday, and we went on our trip on Wednesday. She never had a fever, diarrhea, or more vomiting. I still don't know if it was illness or a reaction to bad food. I'm just glad it didn't last long.

*Kate is just about crawling. This Saturday, the 21st, she figured out how to scoot forward on her tummy. She pulls up into her yoga position and pushes forward with her feet. Then she lies back down on her tummy and reaches forward. She repeats the process until she has reached the object of her desire.

*Kate still hates baby food. She refuses to put it in her mouth, and she gags if any happens to get past her lips. I tried to give her a peach slice in that mesh baby feeder thing tonight thinking that if she was in control of putting it in her mouth and she could chomp on it, maybe she would like that better. Not so much. I'm not sure what else to do beyond wait until she has a few teeth and try some table food. Erin, help me out here. Avery did the same thing, right? I'll await your wisdom.

*Padyn is still averse to pooping on the potty. She did it two days in a row this week and was amply rewarded. Then today, back to her diaper during her nap. It really seems to be a case of one step forward, two steps back. I just keep waiting for her to decide she doesn't like it anymore. I hope it's soon.

*Kate has had a cough for over a week now. I orignially thought it was due to her runny nose which I thought was a product of her teething. But we have no teeth, and we have no more runny nose, so I'm not sure what to attribute it to. It's not too bad. She doesn't cought that often anymore, and it doesn't keep her up at night. But it is still around. And it's awful sounding. It sounds like she is choking on something and is going to die. It sounds like she's smoked 5 packs a day for the last 50 years. She really doesn't seem to mind it, though. She has no reaction to it what-so-ever. What a great baby.


Sorry it's been dead around here for a week. We have been on vacation. That's right-VACATION! Just Mommy, Daddy, Padyn and Katelyn. (Well, there was the afternoon we spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house, but other than that, it was just us, baby!) We hung out in Palm Desert for a few days basking in the heat and swimming in the pool. Twice a day. Padyn was in heaven. Kate actually liked it, too. You'll see it in the pictures.

I promise to have pictures and stories soon. Right now, I'm very very tired. And it's looking like it's going to be a crazy week. More crazy than normal. So, pictures might not get up too quickly. Don't despair. I promise to have them in the near future. Keep checking...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Really? Again? So Soon?

On Saturday night, Padyn threw up. While she was being babysat. While we were at a wedding. In a different town. At a friend's house...

We got the call just as we were sitting down to dinner. Fortunately, we were just 5 minutes away, so I went and Joel stayed. I figured if it was serious, someone could bring him home. Well, when Padyn threw up again after I had been there for 15 minutes, I sent the sitter to go get Joel. I wasn't going to be home with a pukey baby by myself. Not again. After a 3rd upchuck, she finally fell asleep. She had no fever and we really didn't know if it was something she ate or if she was really sick. We knew we had to wait and see.

Well, on Saturday, all looked good. Padyn was asking for food, eating and drinking mostly normally, and acting happy and chipper. We thought-great! It's over. But I waited. I knew I had to give it 24 hours.

And at 24 hours and 30 minutes? She threw up again. This time it was in our driveway. Thank God she held it until we drove into the driveway. At least it was only once this time. But still, no fever. We kept her up for another hour to be sure, but at 9pm, it was time for bed.

And today? Today I feel like I'm reliving our stomach flu episode from last March. No throwing up (yet) but she went back to bed at 8am for a nap, she lay on the couch all morning watching PBS, and she fell asleep on the couch at 11:30am. She claims to "feel better" but she is certainly not her normal self. She still has no fever and she is asking to eat, which I take as good signs, but I was fooled by that yesterday. Right now she is lying on the couch with her pacifiers in her mouth, surrounded by most of her books. I'd take a picture, but I think she's been tortured enough.

I have a few worries still. Will this develop into diarrhea like last time? How do I know if she's better enough to go to school? Will we still go on our vacation that we're supposed to leave for this Wednesday? What do I do if Kate gets this? How many more handwashings can my dry, chapped hands take before they fall off? When will it all end?

Baby Yoga

This is why there are not many yoga classes offered for infants. They already know how to do most of the positions. Kate's favorites are plank and downward facing dog.

I put 3 of the downward facing dog because her facial expressions in each were priceless.

My Artistic Child

Padyn decided she didn't like the gourds in the bowl on the coffee table. Apparently they look better lined up on the stairs.

Maybe a future interior decorator?

She has also put them in a variety of other places around the house, of which I do not have pictures. Under the coffee table, in Kate's bouncy seat, underneath the exersaucer...What will she think of next?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Love My Sister

Hi, Big Sister. I love you. I love your hair. I love that teddy. Give me a hug and kiss...
...then I can try to eat your face.
Oh, more hugs and kisses. I like those.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Now give me the teddy and I won't eat your face anymore. I love this teddy. He's so soft, and cuddly, and squishy...
...and tasty.
Oh, so very tasty.

Can you tell she's teething?

Not a Huge Hit

On Friday, Kate got her first taste of solids. Judging from the pictures, I don't think she liked it. Not so much.

Here she is in her big highchair awaiting her first meal with a spoon. She looks happy. She looks ready. She even seems excited to be wearing a plastic bib. Then...

She had her first taste. "Um, Mommy? What am I supposed to do with this? I don't think I like it so much."
"But I'll take another bite, just to be sure."

"No, I'm pretty sure. I think it's gross."

"Get it out! Get it out!"

P.S. So I've given her a little cereal everyday since then. The reaction is always the same. Last night we tried with pears. The facial expressions were not quite as sour, but there was still no happiness at the prospect of eating.

Monday, October 09, 2006


*I promise this will be the last exclamatory title for a while. I don't know what is up with me lately...I just feel like shouting.

It rained last week and one of Padyn's favorite things to do is play in the puddles. Isn't that every child's favorite thing to do when it rains? Let's be honest with ourselves. Unless you are wearing really fabulous, expensive shoes or pants, a little splashing around in puddles is SOOOO much fun.

I had to coach her on the way to school that we DO NOT splash in puddles at school. That will get you in big trouble. We only splash in puddles at home, with Mommy, when we’ve behaved ourselves over the course of the day. She really took this to heart. Waking into school, she purposely walked 2 feet away from every puddle as not to be sucked into the temptation. I was very impressed. See, she really can obey as long as she is highly motivated.

So, after naps, we walked around finding all the puddles in our complex. The sun had come out and it was turning into a gorgeous afternoon. Hard to believe we had had a torrential downpour a few hours before. (BTW-torrential downpour? With two kids? Not so fun getting from the classroom to the car.)

I love this series of pictures. I took it with that nifty little device my camera has that takes photos in rapid succession when you hold the button down. (I have no idea what it's called, as you can probably tell.) When I look through them in Window's Picture Viewer, it looks like one of those flip book cartoons where, when you flip the corners of the book through your fingers, it looks like the cartoon characters are moving. Any idea what I'm talking

about? No? That's ok. Just trust me-it's fun to look at these pictures rapidly in succession. I didn't post them all here because I didn't want to bore you to tears. There are only so many puddle pictures that nonparental viewers can take.

Friday, October 06, 2006

New and Improved

Announcing the arrival of "Anonymous Comments" on girls 2 boys 0. Now all of you, who for some reason or another haven't registered with Blogger, can leave a comment with ease. After you write a comment, simply check "anonymous" and your comment will be accepted. Check it out. Try it. I promise, it won't bite you.

Just remember to sign your name so I actually know who you are.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


As if the trip to the duck pond on Tuesday wasn't enough (post right below this one), our playgroup went to the pumpkin patch yesterday. Taking Padyn to this particular pumpkin patch has become a yearly tradition and I'm disappointed that this is the final year the patch will be in operation. Fortunately, I like pumpkin patches so much that we visit 3 or 4 each October. I'm sure I'll be able to get great shots somewhere else. In fact, you'll probably see more on the blog before Halloween. I'll try not to bore you.
This particular patch has a train, some birds in a cage, goats, donkeys, a cow and an automated skeleton that goes off whenever anyone walks past him. Why put this at the entrance of a place that small children frequent? I had to pick Padyn up and carry her out when we were leaving because she was having a meltdown. She refused to walk past it. There was no other way out unless I wanted to hop the fence. Since I had Katelyn in the Bjorn and two little pumpkins I wanted to purchase, that didn't seem like such a hot idea.
Padyn had a great time. We had to ride the train twice. We had to pick up and sit on many many pumpkins. She refused to pet the cow, but she was excited to look at him. And she knew the donkeys where donkeys without me saying so. She didn't want to go in the hay bale maze or in the giant plastic pumpkin, but what do you expect from a child who refused to go near any petting zoo type animal until last Easter? She even picked out two little pumpkins for herself and Katelyn. Kate got the smaller one, of course. (And since we've been home, she keeps wanting to "show Kate her pumpkin." She brings it to her when Kate is sitting in the highchair so she can play with it.)

Kate seemed to enjoy herself, too. She liked hanging out in her friend, Caitlin's, stroller, and she enjoyed playing with the hay. Unfortunately, I discovered that Kate may be allergic to straw. After taking a series of pictures where she was sitting by herself, she managed to fall over and do a face-plant in the hay. See was sneezing for the next 10 minutes. Oh, and you see the pacifier that got dropped in the straw? Don't worry. I was thinking like a good Mommy and didn't give it back to her. If I had, she'd probably still be sneezing. We can't have that. I'm having enough trouble today with her being fussy from her 6 month shots. Or maybe it’s the teeth I think I see coming in. Who knows. Regardless, she had a fun day, too.