Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Robbie's Big Boy Haircut

A couple weeks ago, we finally had Daddy shave Robbie's hair. It isn't totally gone...there is enough left that he isn't completely bald. But we needed it to be short enough so he would stop twirling it. He has given himself a lovely bald spot right on top of his head from all the hair twirling he's been up to lately.

Here's what we started with....

 Here's Daddy trying to figure out how to cut a squirmy boy's hair...

 And here is the final product, though a couple weeks past the event.

 And here is how is smiles now when you ask him to give a nice one for the camera.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Does anyone else see annoying ads on my blog or is it just me? Sometimes I can't even see what I am typing because they are blocking my view. I tried emailing Blogger and Google about it, but no response. Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice for how to get rid of them (beyond switching to another blogging service).

Robbie's New Favorite Song and Dance

Robbie requested that I purchase this song last week. Thanks to our babysitter, he knows it pretty well. He has always been our most musically inclined child, but he has added a few new moves lately.