Sunday, May 30, 2010


I love that my third kid is so self-entertained! Really, give the boy anything that might look like a ball and he's set.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Extra Photo Friday Special Video!

Since I've been a slacker this week, I decided you deserved a two for one treat. Photos AND a video! Please, try to curb your excitement.

The photos for today are in the next post. In that post I mentioned that one of Robbie's new favorite things is playing ball. Here he is in action. It's a bit long, so you can stop it after about 30 seconds if you want. There's nothing surprising or thrilling at the end...just more of a cute baby. And who doesn't want to see that?

Photo Friday-Random Assortment of Photos

I haven't taken many photos over the last week. Maybe it's because it's been pouring rain and we haven't been outside much. Maybe it's because my battery died and it took me a few days to charge it. Or maybe it's just because I'm lazy. You pick. I'm good with any excuse...

So here are a couple of Robbie. He has cut 3 molars in the last 2 weeks. That's gotta hurt. I can see the hole/stretched gum where the fourth one is going to enter the world, but it hasn't broken the surface yet. Hopefully that will arrive soon and we don't have to go to bed wondering how many times we'll be getting up in the night. And hopefully the streaks of saliva that cover the floor will also soon come to an end.
Robbie's latest party tricks include throwing balls (or anything resembling a ball) and scooting around pushing vehicles. They don't even have to have wheels. He has this puzzle that is made up of large, chunky modes of transport. He pushes those around just like they have actual wheels. Can't wait for the accompanying car/engine noises that I'm sure are just around the corner.You can't really see it, but Kate is holding one of previously mentioned puzzle pieces. I can't remember this game they were playing, but it probably involved Robbie reaching for something Kate had and her pulling it away. Fortunately, he still thinks this kind of game is entertaining.
I should mention how well Kate plays with Robbie. Sure, she shouts at inappropriate times in his face and pulls on him to the point of his falling over, but she really loves playing with him. And he loves the attention. I think in about 6 to 12 months they are going to be good pals. They will both enjoy wrestling, tickling, and making loud noises. And, I'm sure, tormenting their older sister.Here's a rare on-camera smile from Kate. The others in this series included a tongue sticking out, eyes closed, and fish lips.As you can see in this photo, we are still wearing pants and sweatshirts most days, even though it will be June next week. The weather has been quite ridiculous lately. Last year at this time we were already close to 100 degrees most days, and were swimming on a daily basis. This year? The girls went in the pool once. It was a few weeks ago when the temperature managed to creep into the 80's for a couple days in a row. Or pool is no where close to being warm enough for swimming yet, but they wanted to go in. Sooooo.....
I, of course, took their pictures. Don't you love the one of Padyn?
And on that note, Happy Friday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Photo Friday-Pictures I Didn't Realize I Had

I failed to download these to my computer a couple weeks ago after I shot them, so here you go...

Kate pretending that it's already summer.Padyn wanted me to take a picture of her jumping. It's hard to tell, but yes, she is jumping.He didn't really want his picture taken, but I love taking it!This was during a series of silly faces and wagging tongues.These next three are some of my favorite from the day...

Happy Friday.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 or 14?

In the car this afternoon, while I was explaining to Katelyn why she couldn't have something she wanted...

Mommy, you are annoying!

Really? How's that?

You're annoying how you never let me do or have what I want.

I offered to let her stay in the car by herself since I was so annoying. Apparently, that makes me MORE annoying.

Reasons to Constantly Sweep the Floor #39

As I was making dinner last night, Robbie was crawling around my feet. At one point I looked down and saw that he was chewing on something. I hesitated for a few seconds before I decided that I should find out what it is. I mean, it could have been a blueberry or a cheerio or something benign. And then, why bother? But, the good mommy won out and I stuck my finger in his mouth. You know what I pulled out? A HUGE piece of fat I had cut off from a piece of bacon.


Glad I decided to check.

The One I Picked

Remember how I was trying to get a good picture of the three kids? This was the best one I got...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Three in a Crib

At least they like being together...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Someone's Got the Giggles

Just ignore me in the background asking Kate the same question over and over again...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Photo Saturday-Spring Portrait Attempts

The other day I spent some time trying to get a decent shot of all three kids together. I wasn't highly successful, but here are some results of our time in the front yard....

Happy Weekend.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Comparisons at 1 Year

Here's another one year old, in case you want to compare her to this one here or here.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Same Tutu, Different 4 Year Olds

Both had just turned four when these pics were taken.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One and Four Year Stats

Katelyn Marie
Turned 4 on April 3.
As of today, she weighs in at 36 pounds, stands 40 inches tall and can see and hear normally. Oh, and she isn't anemic.
Favorite activities include dressing up like a princess, reciting movie lines with her sister (Cinderella is a current favorite), playing with her Littlest Pet Shop, wrestling with Daddy, and shouting at her brother in an attempt to make him notice her.
Most common phrase: "I want to do it myself."
Nickname: Drama Queen (we don't really say that in front of her)
Favorite Treat: Pink Lemonade Frozen Yogurt with Gummy Worms

Robert Thomas
Turned 1 on April 17
As of today, weighs in at 22 pounds and 9 ounces, is just over 30 inches long, and has a head that is 47cm in circumference.
Eight teeth are showing, one back molar has cut, and I think 3 more are rapidly making their way through his gums.
New communication: Signs "more" (but usually only for berries or other fruit)
New Games: playing with the sounds his mouth can make, cuddling with Mommy, Peek-A-Boo, biting (but not really sinking his teeth into) Mommy's shoulder.
Favorite Phrase: "Ahdada"
Favorite Toy: LeapFrog Fridge Farm
Favorite Activity: playing in the bathtub