Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Katelyn's Artistic Prowess

Yesterday, Kate spent a lot of time coloring. I mean a TON of time. She was silent for like, 30 minutes. It was completely unheard of. When she finally talked to me, it was to ask me to help her remember all her friends in her class. Clearly, this was an odd question. So when I approached the table to clarify her meaning, she showed me this... Katelyn: This is all my friends playing at school. My teachers are in the picture too. They are watching us run around the playground. I don't know if I drew all my friends.

Then she started pointing to the kids wearing green and stating the names of children in her class.

Mommy: Well, let's count them and see. You have 16 kids in your class.

After counting, I stated that there were 27 people in the picture, but she only had 16 kids in her class and two teachers, so she had too many people in her picture.

Katelyn: No, Mommy. (Implied: Don't be an idiot Mommy.) The kids wearing green are the Monkeys (her class), and here are my teachers (the taller ones), and the other kids are the Frogs (the other PreK class). They are naked.

Hmmm....and I keep telling everyone what a great preschool Kate goes to...
It reminded me of another drawing done by another child a few years back. Interesting how the development of how to draw people seems to be the same among children.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo Friday-Playtime

What do you do on a wet wet Friday afternoon when you are stuck inside? Watch too much TV? Drink too much coffee? Go crazy? Yes. And if you are my children, you find new ways to entertain yourself. Like play with your sister's headband...
Build a "castle" with your brother's blocks (all the while getting mad at said brother if he even looks sideways at your creation)...Dance around the living room to your brother's mad skills on the piano...
Or help your brother play the piano...Practice Beethoven's 5th...
Or break the "only one person on the trampoline at a time" rule because your brother is having a hysterical hissy fit that NO ONE IS JUMPING WITH HIM AND HE DEMANDS SOMEONE JUMP WITH HIM!
Yep. Fun rainy times. You can imagine that our weekend will be similar as the forecast remains the same. Cold and wet. Yippee.
Time to go rent a classic at the Red Box.
Happy Friday.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

General Silliness

These are photos from our trip down south a couple weeks ago now. My children love the camera, don't they?

This boy has been getting himself into all sorts of trouble lately. Climbing in things, onto things...and his new favorite is going into the street when we are out front. He thinks the curb off the sidewalk was made specifically as a ramp for his push car.

Goof balls.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Robbie Gets His Groove On

I'm sure that chicken wing dance move is going to impress those ladies in his future...

My favorite part is the second half were he knows to pause and wait for the music to start before he busts a move.