Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Girl in a Cupboard

This is one of the sink cabinets in the kitchen. Clearly, the sink isn't in yet. But Kate thinks it's a fabulous place to hang out. That contraption next to it is my new microwave. I love IKEA.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

She Has Finally Succumb to Peer Pressure

On Saturday, an amazing thing happened. I thought it never would, the way she'd been all scared of it and refusing to try...

Padyn rode her bike without her training wheels.

And it was 100% her idea.

Now she's telling everyone she can ride her "two-wheeler."

I'm so so proud of her. I just hope it sticks. One bad spill and she might refuse again for months. She's like that.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I lLOVE this kid!

I think this picture really captures Robert's current personality.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Staying Cool

What can be better on a 105 degree afternoon than swimming with your pals and eating Popsicles? These guys can't think of anything better, either.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Comparison at Three Months

So, what do you think? Here are a few three month shots of all three kids. The order is always the same, youngest to oldest...Robert, Kate, then Padyn. Do the look alike? Related? Like Mommy or Daddy? Everyone has a different opinion. I'd love to hear yours...
Exhibit AExhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Let the commenting begin.

Three Months Old

The little man turned 3 months old yesterday. Hard to believe it's already been 3 months. I know that everybody says that, but in this case it's especially true. I mean, I know I haven't updated you in a while about our living situation, but it's still a bit chaotic. And to think that it's been almost 3 months since we moved in! At least now we have closets and doorknobs, but the kitchen sink is still in process. (Literally, as I type, Daddy is sawing away outside on the cabinet for the sink. I'm hoping for running water in the kitchen by the end of the weekend. Fingers crossed).

But getting back to our subject at hand...Little Robert, or Baby Wobbie as he's affectionately known to her sisters. At three months, here's a bit about what he can do...

Smile. But not always willingly. You usually have to make all kinds of silly faces and tongue waggles at him to get him to light up. Although, apparently he likes being on his tummy as evidenced by this picture. He smiled as soon as I got him down there. This is totally and completely opposite from his sisters who really wanted nothing to do with Tummy Time until they could roll over.
Robbie spends most of his awake time going back and forth between his Baby Einstein playmate (thanks, Linda and Jay!) and his bouncy seat. There is a bit of holding in there, too, even by his sisters, who still can't get enough of him. He isn't quite coordinated enough to hit the hanging toys yet, but Kate likes to help him out with that. She takes his arm and swings it into the toy. What a good big sister she is.The girls really want to have him where ever they are. They argue over whose bed he gets to lie on and where his bouncy seat should go while we are eating dinner. He does seem to enjoy being near them. If they are playing near him and then they leave the room, he cries. Based on my very scientific test of me getting on the scale with and without him, I'm guessing Robbie now weighs about 12 pounds. (I will not tell you our combined weight.) We don't go back for a check-up until 4 months, so we'll get an official weight then. He still very comfortably fits into his 0-3 month oneies, but he has grown too long for the newborn clothes and a few 3 month sleepers. Not that we wear anything that warm these days...Long sleeves and pants don't cut it when it's 100 degrees outside.
As of last week, the boy now sleeps in his own room, in his crib, for the entire night. I am honestly amazed it was that easy. He was still wanting to sleep with me most of the night when we finally kicked him out of our room. He must have really wanted his own space. And (don't be jealous) he's already sleeping 6-8 hours at night. I know! But, then he wants to eat and 6am (back in bed with me) and 7:30 or 8am. That's ok. I'll take the 7 hour stretch of sleep even if it means 3 feedings in 4 hours in the morning.We did finally give him a bottle a couple weeks ago. He very willingly sucked it down, so I'm not so worried about the future of bottle usage. He'll be getting a few this week as Iwill be working a few days. It will be the first time I'll have left him for longer than a couple hours. We'll see how we both handle that. I can't think of much else to record for the three month update...he's happy, only cries when he's hungry, tired or injured, and he loves sleeping swaddled with his paci. He is getting more content in his carseat. We don't experience quite as much screaming driving around town as we used to, but he still doesn't want to hang out in there if he doesn't have to. He's still working on laughing, loves kicking his legs and swinging his arms around. He enjoys sticking his tongue out at you, but will only coo at you if you have a very high pitched voice. Needless to say, he doesn't coo at me much. I'm going to keep working on that one. But he does love me! I can tell by his smiles and how he affectionately bangs his forehead into my shoulder when I hold him. He's a love, this little guy.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo Friday-Friends At Play

Last week, Ella and Owen came to visit and stayed with Lulu and Little Brother. Our farewell festivities included a BBQ and some backyard play at our house. Clearly, everyone liked each other very much. And Padyn was loving being the in-high-demand older girl.

We miss you Auntie Suz, Ella and Owen! Come back soon!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Year of the Trout

According to Padyn, we are in a trout.

Therefore, one should put soap on their hands, rub it around, and then turn the water on. That way you are saving water.

You know, since we are in a trout.

Photo Friday-Twelve Weeks Old and Siblings

Now that he is 12 weeks old (today!), the little guy has many more smiles for us these days. I swear, he's trying to laugh. Not a me, usually...at his sisters, of course. He'll smile and then make this squeaky sort-of coughing noise. Still waiting to see if it develops into the real thing.I love this one. That gummy grin makes my heart melt.
The girls are constantly wanting to hold their little bro, which would be fine except that they always choose a bad time...like when I'm nursing or he is screaming. Padyn thinks she should be able to pick Robbie up and just carry him around. She's always saying, "Just give him to me, Mom." and holding out her arms to take him. I would, except, I'd be really bummed when she accidentally dropped him 3 seconds later. I do think it's super cute that she wants to mother him so much. However, I'm guessing he won't think it's so cute when he's about 12.

This was the first time we tried to take a picture of all 3 kids together. As you can see, it didn't go over very well...

and this one is clearly the winner...
But don't the girls look awesome?

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Escape Artist

Ways to Frustrate Mommy #34: Constantly working left arm out of swaddle, thereby screwing up sleep.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009

To Kate From Daddy

"Katie, Kleenex is for people, not small plastic guinea pigs."

Friday, July 03, 2009

Photo Friday-The Lake

It feels like it was last week, but it was over two weeks ago now that we headed up to Tahoe for the weekend with Grandpa and Mimi. Even though the drive took longer than it should have due to a very unhappy baby, it was fabulous to get up there and get away from all the stuff at home. Not that home is bad, but when you still don't have a kitchen and Daddy feels pulled in 28 different directions all the time, a little break where nothing is expected of you is just nice.

Notice the jackets? It was cold. I don't think we ever hit 60 degrees. While it prevented us from swimming, the brisk weather did not prevent the girls from playing on the beach, their favorite pastime at the lake. Nor did it prevent us from heading out on the lake in Grandpa's boat. The girls enjoyed that, but only for a short while since it was quite chilly.

Noticeably absent are pictures of Robert. I didn't take a single one of him that weekend. Oops. But then again, he wasn't romping around on the beach or in the boat thoroughly enjoying himself looking photogenic. He was sleeping. Inside. Where it was warm and toasty.

Happy Friday. And Happy Independence Day.