Sunday, April 29, 2007

Running down the hill

Running down the hill
Originally uploaded by the girls' moma.
Coley looks like she is having much more fun than Padyn. I think Padyn's worried about falling while running. It wouldn't be the first time.

Toothy grin

Kate was delighted to let the Girls' Moma take her picture. Here she is giving her cheesiest, toothiest grin. From here on, whenever she heard the camera click or saw the flash, she would close her eyes and smile...even if the picture wasn't actually being taken of her.

Toothy grin
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Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes
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Super Happy Girl

Super Happy Girl, originally uploaded by P & K's Mommy.

Photo Sunday

Padyn, in the tunnel
Originally uploaded by the girls' moma.
Since I wasn't actually physically able to do Photo Friday, I'll make up for it today by posting a few photos The Girls' Moma shot while she was here. Since you may not look at her Flickr photos, you would be missing some good ones.

Padyn and Coley had a great time "reading" in the tunnels. They brought down pillows and blankets and settled in for the afternoon. Why didn't we discover this earlier in the week? They were happy and pleasant to each other for over 30 minutes. That was almost a record.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

What a Difference a Nap Makes

Kate and I took a quick trip this week that required airplane rides. I was so looking forward to only flying with one child again. It was going to be so much EASIER.

No, no. Really it wasn't. Not on the trip there, it wasn't.

Kate screamed. Screamed and screamed then screamed some more. Tantrum-like screams. Throwing herself on the floor type screams. And that was even before we got on the plane. (She threw herself on the floor of the airplane also.) You should have seen the looks I was getting for all the other passengers waiting to board.

She screamed getting on the plane, waiting for Mommy to get settled, and during take off. I was so sure she was going to fall asleep during take-off. That's usually what happens. And she was so obviously tired. But no. For at least an hour of the two hour flight she did her screaming bit. Nothing would make her happy. Not the pacifier, Bear Bear, books or food. Back and forth between my lap and the floor she went, all the while letting everyone know just how unhappy she was.

It wasn't horrible the entire time. Jalyn made her happy for a little while. Walking around among the rows of empty seats kept her entertained for a bit. Trying to climb over the seat was fun for a few minutes.

Then the screaming would start again. Finally, finally, finally, a very kind flight attendant managed to heat up her bottle with some warm water. She gulped it down then promptly flew asleep on my lap...until we landed 15 minutes later.

Why they drama? No morning nap. Thank goodness the plane was over half empty. I think I would have been thrown out onto the wing otherwise.

You can just guess how worried I was to take the return flight home. Thankfully, she slept during the entire hour drive to the airport. On the plane, she was like a different child. Happy, giggly, offering her pretzels to all those around her. At one point she even grabbed her pacifier and her bear and climbed up onto my lap for a little 10 minutes rest. It was really like night and day. She was content with everything and everyone. Life was good.

I don't think she's ready to drop that morning nap yet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Genuinely Concerned or Too Smart for her Own Good?

This morning when we picked up Padyn from school, we gave her a snack of cheese crackers in the car. All the other girls had previously eaten the same snack. Coley, though, was still hungry and made sure we knew about it. After a bit of cajoling, I was able to convince Padyn to share her cheese crackers with her friend. Things returned to normal for a while while Padyn carefully doled out one cracker at a time to Coley. All the while, she was clearly mulling this over and trying to come up with a reason why Coley should not have any of her precious crackers. I was shocked, yet secretly impressed when I heard this come out of her mouth...

I just realize, Mommy, I can't share my cheese crackers with Coley because I have a cough.

Future debater?

They Should Start Their Own Band

Padyn and Coley love singing together. Coley is definitely the singer of the two. Padyn would more likely be the backup singer or dancer if she and Coley were to start their own band. But, they DO love being musical together, and this morning was no exception.

At breakfast, they were singing one of their all-time favorite songs, "Violin," by They Might Be Giants. In fact, this song has been burned into Coley's brain since infancy. Before her first birthday, she could do the sign for violin and that eventually became her sign for music. The point is, they both know and love the song, so singing it together was a loud and joyous event for them.

After singing it through a few times, I told them it was time to stop singing and resume eating their breakfast. (Maybe there needs to be a "no singing at the table" rule?) At this, Padyn stood up, lifted and hands in the air and said:

"Mommy, we're singing to God!"

God, I hope you like They Might Be Giants.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Overheard at the Park Today

said by random girl at the park while playing hide and go seek with her father...

"Daddy! I have hair in my butt!"

Dad, confused (as you would be), replies, "What?"

"I needed you to find me because I have to go potty and I have hair in my butt!"

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bonus Photo Friday Pictures

Because, people, you need to see what I'm dealing with.
I think it's hysterical that she refuses to walk, yet climbing on anything and everything is quite natural. Tonight at Amardillo Willys she was climbing up the cage where they store the margarita mixins. (I have no idea why it's in the hallway near the bathrooms. Super random.) She can already climb onto the couch and Padyn's bed, and she can get her leg over the edge of the bathtub. I'm dreading when she figures out how to crawl out of her crib. A sad, sad day that will be.

Photo Friday: Beach Day

We spent the morning at the beach in Half Moon Bay. Can you tell everyone loved it? Digging was, by far, the favorite activity of the day for the kids. I preferred the sitting and not worrying about anyone being able to go very far. It made we wonder why the heck I don't take the girls to the beach more often. It was SO easy. Mental note to self: Go to beach more. You like it. It's fun.

The birthday girl took most of the pictures.
Carefully carrying her treasure-a.k.a. sand and shellsSearching for shells

Jalyn and Katelyn inspecting their big sisters' shoes

Padyn and Coley = Best Friends

Going for a walk with Mommy

I guess the sand needed patting.

Pensive Girl

I think there was a sandcastle supposedly being built. If so, I never saw evidence of it.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today I got back on the treadmill and ran another 5 kilometers. (I would rather be running outside, of course, but in my current life, the gym and the treadmill fit more nicely. ) So, there I was on the treadmill HURTING through mile 1. I so wanted to quit, but I kept thinking that I had told all you I was going to do it again, so I knew I had to. Instead of quitting, I dropped my pace a bit and turned my iPod up louder. I had to repeat a few songs to stay motivated, but I managed to trudge on for another mile and a half.

At the 2.5 mile mark, I increased the speed in an attempt to match my time on Tuesday. It sucked. Really really REALLY sucked. I wanted to stop. I wanted to walk. I wanted to slide right off the back of the treadmill and sink into a puddle against the back wall. My favorite Counting Crows song just wasn't helping me anymore. And really? Who cares about some stupid goal? I could always try again tomorrow, right? I was totally done.

And then I saw her. My friend. Over on the lat pulldown machine that I had showed her how to use the other day. Slowly adjusting everything to fit her petite frame. Choosing an appropriate weight amount that was going to challenge, yet not exceed her capabilities. She didn't want to be on that machine, working her muscles, forcing her brain to focus on anything other than what has been tormenting her for 2 weeks. Yet there she was. Just doing it.

Kinda put it into perspective for me.

30 minutes and 55 seconds today. Not too bad. Not too bad at all.

Future Daredevil

Can you see what it's store for me? I'm afraid. Very, very afraid.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fast Friends

Nothing Better than Hangin' with Your Buds

Padyn, Coley and Jalyn got some much needed outside playtime yesterday. Isn't it obvious how much they love each other?
3 girls on a net
lying around ring around the rosie
run for it
dogpile #1, 2, and 3

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

5K Baby!

Aaron's Mom probably didn't realize she was setting me up with a challenge when she first posted about running 5K a couple weeks ago. Well, challenged I felt, therefore, a self-challenge I created. I really wanted to be able to run 5 kilometers. Really run it. Like, without stopping or walking. So I started working my way towards that.

I've never been a runner. NEVER. In school I purposely avoided the sports that had a lot of running. I completely avoided soccer. Forget track. Why would I ever possibly want to do that to myself? But since I got married, I started jogging slowly here and there over the years. I usually hate it, but it's the one form of exercise that really gets me the results I want. So I've tolerated it. And slowly, it became less painful. I wouldn't say I've come to the point were I enjoy it or anything. By no means am I interested in training for a marathon or anything crazy like that. But I've reached a point were if I do some other cardio exercise instead, I don't feel as if I've had a really good workout.

Mostly I run a mile and a half or so. Two miles has been my distance lately. It's not too hard or too long, yet I am ready to quit and do something different by then. I haven't been able to run 3 miles for a LONG time, and the few times I've come close over the past year, it's been at an extremely slow 3 miles, broken here and there with walking. I've slowly been building up to 3 miles at a 10 minute mile pace since Katelyn was born, but every time I got close to my goal, I'd get sick or the girls would get sick or we'd go on vacation and I'd end up back at the starting point, panting my way though a mile again.

But that changed today.

Today I ran 3.1 miles in 31 minutes and 10 seconds.

Without stopping.

I know, I know. For you real runners out there, that's so lame. But I don't care. It was a big accomplishment for me. I'm very proud of myself. I feel GREAT about it. I think I'll do it again tomorrow.

And you know the best part? I have more hope of reaching my true goal, which is to be able to run 5 miles. Now I know I'll eventually do it. It may takes months and months, but the 5K was just the beginning. And I've done it. There's no stopping me now.

(Still not interested in a marathon, though. Triathlon-yes. 26 miles? No way in you-know-where.)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Photo Friday Part 2: The Sunday Edition

As promised, I have some Easter photos to share with you. I know Easter was a whole week ago now, but I just finally took them off my camera on Friday, so there you go. I can't put them all here, but in the next couple days I'll get them all on Flickr, so you can just click on the Flickr badge in the sidebar and see them all.
Our Easter Sunday was quite a day. We started off at church where Padyn partook in the annual Easter egg hunt. (I love that our pastor pointed out that the eggs should be empty. Aren't we rejoicing in a particular emptiness on Easter Sunday? Wouldn't that be much more symbolic? Disappointing, sure. But really...I could do with less candy for the kid.) Anyway, after that, we cruised over to my father's house for a fantastic Easter brunch. Katelyn actually ate scrambled eggs. Padyn mostly chowed on the fruit and the sausage. No surprise. She tried the scrambled eggs, but she didn't eat them because the eggs at our house are better. At least, that's what she claims. After brunch and yet another Easter egg hunt, it was home for naptime. Naptime wasn't very long because we had one more place to hit for the day. Easter dinner at Padyn's pal, C.J.'s house. It was a highly nontraditional Easter dinner of BBQ Brisket and greens. I'm still a little disappointed in the lack of ham, but apparently the ham intended for Easter dinner had been sacrificed the evening before in place of the brisket. Who knows. All I know is I still want some ham.

So that's it. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Padyn patiently awaiting her turn to "hunt" for eggs.
Katelyn and Mommy watching the Egg Hunt action. Katelyn REALLY wanted to get down and join in. Sorry, baby. You must be at least 2 years old to play.
Competing with Caitlyn for the best eggs.
Daddy, look at how many I got! And there's CANDY in them! I'm so EXCITED!
It's sad, but this is the best picture I have of them together. In all the other ones, Kate is crying.
Kate couldn't look for eggs, but she could cruise around on Papa's lawn (with Daddy's help, of course.)
Is there one in here?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Photo Friday Part 1

I realized I have over 200 pictures on my camera from this past week, so I'll have to do at least two Photo Friday installments. One may happen to get posted on Saturday, but's not like I'll be penalized for late posting. So, here are some shots I took this week because I wanted PROOF that Kate actually eats something besides snack food. I don't know what turning one did to her, but suddenly she decided that eating soft food in it's natural state would not lead to a slow agonizing death. (That has been her philosophy about food up to this point.) Of course, just because this particular week she happened to eat cheese, grapes, oranges and rice cakes with cream cheese, that doesn't mean it will ever happen again. In fact, as I am posting this, Kate is refusing to eat the string cheese that just two days ago she could not get enough of. What is that about?And since I really can't have a photo post without posting some of Padyn, here's a couple shots of her from that same afternoon. She was being her normal entertaining self. Don't feel sorry for her and think I love Kate more because she has more pictures today. Just wait until you see the Easter pictures. It's all about Padyn.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Did I Hear That Right?

I'm not quite sure, but I think Katelyn tried said "cracker" and "milk" today. Can that be right?

She does have a few words she says with some frequency: mama, dada, ba (for ball) and just this weekend, papa. Her other regular word is "ah-dada." I believe she uses this as a substitute for all other words that she can't say like Padyn, Bear Bear, Hello, and No Way Jose.

But really. Twelve months. I'm I just hearing what I want to hear? Or is she really trying to speak?

Monday, April 09, 2007

We Got Ourselves A Climber

You know how Katelyn can climb up on her sister's bed? And how desperate she is to climb up on the couch? And the tantrums she throws when she doesn't get her way because I won't put her on the couch?

Well, those days should be over now.

This morning she figured out how to climb up on the couch unassisted.

Can you guess how excited I am?

Already Planning for Her Future

P: Mommy, when will I have a baby?

M: When you are grown-up and married. In a long long time. You won't have a baby for a long long time.

P: Who will I marry, Mommy?

M: I don't know, honey. But you won't get married for a long long time. You have to grow up first.

P: Maybe I'll marry Kate, Mommy.

M: No, you won't marry Kate. You will marry a boy who is not related to you.

P: Why?

M: Because that's they way it works.

P: Ok, Mommy. But I can still marry Kate if I need to.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Photo Friday: Comparison at Twelve Months

I know, I know. I'm totally cheating today. I'm combining a weekly and a monthly tradition. Sheer laziness, people. I have nothing else to say about that.

So, let's take a look at Padyn around a year and Katelyn at around a year. I think they look different. Not very very different, but they definitely would not pass as twins. And while their personalities continue to be different, they are some activities that they both enjoy(ed) at this age.

The walker/scooter for example. Padyn received it as a first birthday present and loved it. Kate discovered it a couple months ago and has the same love of it as Padyn had (and occassionally still does). Kate has figured out how to get on and off it while in the scooter position, which Padyn didn't do for a LONG time. She just likes to take things up a notch like that. It keeps Mommy on her toes.
Another similarity is their love of the phone, especially the cell phone. I don't remember if Padyn was holding it up to her face and pretending to say "hello" at this age like Kate is, but I do remember being very adament about her NOT playing with the phone. Ya, not so strict this time around...What? You want the phone? It will make you happy and you'll stop yelling at me? Ok, go ahead and have it. Just don't call China, please.
There are many other similarties, but I don't have pictures of both kids enjoying them. For instance, the both love/loved the bath, the swing at the park, their pacis and banging on the sliding glass door. Kate is a bit more aggressive in her banging, but only because she seems to love being outside more. Both are/were excellent sleepers and could be easily soothed with a little cuddle and some tylenol when fussy. Both are/were easy going and happy.
I'm not sure if the differences outweigh the similarites. Food continues to be the biggest difference between the sisters. Padyn would eat almost anything but milk at this age. No milk-no way, no flavor, no method of delivery. Kate LOVES milk. So much so that I have to limit her intake so she'll actually be hungry enough to eat something. And getting her to eat something that in it's natural form? Somedays, nearly impossible.
But, I love them both equally in a way I never thought possible.

How Padyn Sees It

Mommy, when Daddy has a day off work, he works in the garage. That's how it works.

Anything else, Padyn?

That's what he tells me, 'cause that's where he exercises. Know what I mean?

Not quite, but I'm sure you do...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Please

I think Katelyn signed "more" today. For reals. But not for food. For Padyn's signing. More, singing Padyn.

Isn't that the cutest thing you ever heard in your life?

Oh, and she actually ate real food today. A few bits of cheese and some orange. Nothing dehydrated, nothing crunchy, nothing with the word "snack" in the label. Amazing. Maybe turning one is a turning point in her culinary habits. I can hope, can't I?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Pictures of the Birthday Girl

I took 78 pictures yesterday and today in my quest to get one decent 1st birthday picture. All of them are of Katelyn. All of them. Each one captures some part of her 1 year old personality. There were even some new aspects of her persona that emerged today while being recorded forever. The looking up and closing her eyes? Never seen that before. But she did it at least 7 times today. Pretending to say "Hello" with something up against her ear-today she actually did it with a phone.

I won't bore you with all 78. (They will eventually be on Flickr, where you can look at them all if you really want to. I'm trying to save you some time here.) Here are the ones I like the best. I hope you are happy with the result...I call this one Baby YogaHello!Wake up time

Look at all my teeth!