Thursday, August 31, 2006

Apparently, Daddy Can Fix Anything

Conversation between Padyn and me in the car today on the way to Daddy's office for lunch:

"Mommy, stop doing things."
"What things, Padyn."
"Stop doing things."
"What things should I stop doing?"
"Things Kate a bath. That's for Daddy to do. Daddy fixes things."
"What things does Daddy fix?"
"Daddy fixes...the car...and Kate's poopy diaper...and my poopy diaper."
"Oh really? Daddy fixes all those things?"
"Yea. And Daddy fixes his car..."

How does she know this?

Before that conversation, she was encouraging me not to give up.

"Don't give up, Mommy."
"Don't give up on what, Padyn?"
"Don't give up."
"What should I not give up on?"
"Auntie Colleen."

Fun with Google

I just got an email from my sister, Bella's Mom. She googled "Padyn" and our blog was the 4th entry! I tried it and lo and behold-there it was! Number 4!

Fun? Yes.
Creepy? Definitely.

Yet I feel strangely, famous. I mean, come on, 4th on Google? That's pretty stinkin' cool.

In reality, I think it's just one of the many side-effects of spelling your child's name in a unique way. Not to mention the years of misspellings and mispronounciations it is going to encounter. But Google has it right.

And isn't that a little frightening that "google" is now a word in our lexicon?

I'm off to google other uncommon names and see what I get...Coley, Jalyn, Callie...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

I really have to share this with you...

I'm not sure which is better-the shoes or the cape.

The headband reminds me of the one Wonder Woman wore. Except it's pink sequin of course. And a little larger. Wonder Woman should have had sequin. And a cape. A pink one. But W.W.'s boots were definitely better. More apt to fight crime in than pink slip-on open-toed sequined heels. Maybe Padyn will be the New Wonder Woman. Now that's an idea for Halloween.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Write It Down

Today, August 26th, 2006, is the day Katelyn figured out how to roll from her back to her stomach. She is 4 months and 23 days old. She thinks it very fun and proceeds to loudly vocalize after she can achieved the desired position. Then she laughs. Probably at me. Like, "Ha ha, Mommy. Look what you have in store for you. This is just the beginning. If you think this is big, wait until you see what I do next. Soon all your hair will be gray. On your mark, get set go."

Look at Me!

I like playing with my hands. Actually, I really like putting my fingers in my mouth. So tasty... I can grab my feet, too. I just wish I could put them in my mouth. Just a little closer....

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dancing Queen

Umm, Padyn? ABBA would like their outfit back.
(She picked this outfit out all by herself. She just loves those butterfly pants. I just love that bell bottoms are as popular with toddlers as they were when I was young.)

Can NOT Believe This

Seriously. SERIOUSLY! I didn't think 4 and a half months olds were supposed to be starting to sit up on their own. Mind you, we have put her in this position, but she stays here all by herself. FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS! Padyn couldn't do this until she was at least 6 months old. At least. Those experts aren't kidding when they say the second child usually gains skills faster. What's next? Jogging on the treadmill next to me at the gym?

Morning Play

Our mornings are usually pretty slow. Padyn comes in and wakes me up "after the music goes on" and we read for a little bit before I can actually open my eyes fully and attempt to sit up in bed. (Mind you, this isn't actually early in the morning. It's about 8am, which is quite late in most people's books. Not mine.)

So, we read, I eventually get up, and we mosey around the house for a little bit-we both get dressed, I may turn on Sesame Street for her so I can check my email, we meander downstairs for breakfast and more coffee, and we continue to watch whatever is on PBS. Usually around 9am Katelyn wakes up and is pretty content to hang out in her crib for a while watching her mobile. This is especially good on mornings when we actually have to leave the house at a scheduled time. She plays, Padyn watches Big Bird, and I shower and do all the normal getting ready to go out things.

If we aren't leaving the house, then the TV goes off after Kate has been fed and we usually head back upstairs to play while I either fold laundry, vacuum, clean, or do some other household chore that I would prefer to put off. Inevitably we all end up on Mommy and Daddy's bed for some play time. Kate loves watching Padyn jump on the bed. It makes her laugh every time. Padyn loves trying to make Kate roll over or playing with her feet or tickling her. These pictures capture our typical morning. I have to admit, that even with the chores, we usually have a lot of fun.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Anniversary Letter to My Love

Nine Years. As we often lament, it feels like forever and just a few days all at the same time. I think that’s because our life seems to be constantly changing. It feels like something is new and different every year-where we live, what jobs we are working, how many children we have. We’ve done a lot in nine years. More than most. We’ve moved some obscene amount of times (9 at last count, but 13 if you count the weeks we’ve spent in TLF and other people’s homes), changed jobs 3 or 4 times, traveled the world, and had a couple kids.

Our first year we lived in our favorite house-the Mt. Hermon cabin. I finished my teaching credential and you worked a couple jobs as an engineer waiting for your approval to Officer Training School and Pilot Training. We enjoyed getting to know each other and figuring out how to live together. We had a cat; I think Zoe was her name. She mostly lived in the bathroom. Life was simple that year. It was about to get more complicated…

Our second year, we moved into the carriage house at your parents’ place since I would be alone most of the time. You started Officer Training School in Alabama (on my birthday) and were gone for a few months. I was able to come visit you since I was working part time and stayed in Atlanta with Julie and Jason. Those were fun times. Once you graduated, you came back to California, but you had to be at the base during the week, so we lived apart during the week and together on the weekends. And right before we celebrated our three year anniversary, we made the big move to Mississippi.

That was definitely one of our best years. I got to experience military life and re-live college life at the same time while I got my Master’s Degree at MSU. We made some life-long friends. We were in a band. We traveled around the south. We got another cat. (The first one ran away before we moved to Mississippi.) You eventually graduated from Pilot Training. Remember how hard it was in the beginning? You weren’t sure you were going to make it. I was always sure. And I was extremely proud of you when you finished. You worked yourself pretty hard that year.

Our fourth year found us back in California were we shuffled around living accommodations for a number of months before we settled into our little apartment. Sometimes I miss that little one bedroom place-it was cozy and cute, and perfect for us at that point. We didn’t stay very long-a little less than a year. Then we bought our first home.

That’s were we lived for our fifth and sixth years. Our fifth year is when our planned path of life was altered, probably not for the last time. September 11th was a turning point for most of America, but it directly impacted us. Our plans of you being a commercial airline pilot were quickly vanishing and we spent a year or so grappling with that. You were activated and spent time away from home, overseas, while I stayed at home and wondered how and when we would start a family if your job wasn’t going to come through anymore. Funny how we worry when God has it all figured out. It worked out better than we could ever have designed.

I got pregnant with Padyn right before you were sent away for a month, then you got an engineering job here in the Bay Area. Through your brother-in-law, we found a house to rent while we decided if we were going to stay and buy. We moved a week before Padyn was born. That wasn’t intended-we thought we had a month. Silly girl had other plans. But everything worked out-better than anticipated.
Then came our seventh year. We moved into our current house when Padyn was 8 months old. We’ve been here now 2 years-almost the longest we’ve ever lived in one place. Come Padyn’s birthday, it will be the longest we’ve stayed under the same roof. You have done well at your job and have worked hard to ensure that I can stay home with the kids. Life is crazy at times with you doing two jobs, but it seems to work well for us.During our eighth and ninth years, we have fallen into a comfortable routine of life. After some struggles, we welcomed our second daughter into the world. She’s been more fun than we thought. You’ve had to step up and be Padyn’s primary caregiver at times, but you’ve done a wonderful job with that. I love seeing you play with her and enjoy her silliness. I’m OK with the fact that you’re her favorite.

Now we’re entering our tenth year. What will it bring? Where will we go? What changes are in store for us? If I’ve learned anything over the last 9 years, it’s that it doesn’t really matter what comes our way or how our plans are changed. Our love is strong and the Lord is stronger. Between the three of us, we can tackle anything. But we have more than just love for each other that keeps us together-and will keep us together for a lifetime. We respect each other, we admire each other, and we are always seeking to meet the other’s needs before our own. I didn’t have many expectations of marriage. I really didn’t know what it was going to be like. It’s been better than I ever thought possible. And you make it that way.

Thank you for marrying me nine years ago today. I’d do it all over again. I love you.

Stiff as a Board

Kate doesn't get a bath often, but she does seem to enjoy it when I remember to bathe her. She doesn't LOVE it like Padyn loved it. I mean, Padyn LOVED her bath when she was young. She still does. Kate smiles occasionally when wet, but doesn't giggle or squeal with pleasure. Nor does she cry, so that must mean she enjoys it on some level, right?

But she does do something very odd. When you pour water on her head and face she stiffens up her entire body and levitates. She pushes her feet into the tub and arches her back and ends up completely horizontal. I would guess that means she doesn't like it. But she still doesn't cry or complain. Funny kid.


I am getting tired of Padyn's hair being the same everyday. Heck, I'm getting tired of MY hair being the same everyday. But hers is more fun to play with. Here's what I managed the other day.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Can She Really Do That?

This was the question I was asking myself this morning after I overheard Padyn singing a song we had just been listening to. I expect her to sing the songs she hears all the time-"Jesus Loves Me," anything VeggieTale, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I don't expect her to bust out with my songs.

We had been listening to "Mrs. Potter's Lullaby" by The Counting Crows (one of my absolute favorites) on my NEW iPod that Joel got me for our anniversary. (Our anniversary isn't until Wednesday, but since we celebrated yesterday, I got my gift early. I LOVE it! Thanks again, love.) We each had an earpiece in our ear (understand that these earpieces are from the same set of headphones-then picture that I'm trying to get dressed, brush my teeth, and change Katelyn while attached to my three foot toddler.) It ended and I put the iPod down to finish getting Kate dressed and Padyn starts singing in the completely tone deaf way little kids do, "Mrs. Robin, Mrs. Robin, Mrs. Robin." Ok, so she got the name wrong, but she was still trying to sing what she just heard. That's new. And shocking. And makes me really want to be extra careful about what we listen to.

We listened to it again tonight while she was getting ready for the bath. When it was over, she very clearly sang, "Mrs. Potter, talk to me." Then, she said that Daddy was singing,too. (Daddy was downstairs doing the dishes.) I said that Daddy was singing a different song. She said, "The apartment?" Why, yes. He was singing "The Old Apartment" by Barenaked Ladies (another all time fave.)

At least she is picking up on my favorites. Maybe instead of waking up to Bob and Larry's Sunday Morning Songs, I should burn her a disc of all my favorites and have her listen to that every morning. Although, if I heard them as much as I hear the Sunday Morning Songs, they might not be my favorites anymore.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Almost Like LA

There was a lot of action over our house today. A sight we had yet to behold. A minimum of 4 news helicopters hovering above our house and neighborhood for a couple hours this evening. They were responding to this.

It was really creepy at first. It's never a good thing when one helicopter is hovering nearby, let alone 4. I had visions of escaped convicts, 20 car pile-ups on the freeway, and tragic train/car collisions. Padyn wanted to stay outside and watch them, but I wasn't willing to be outside of locked doors until I knew what was happening. When I found out it was a 4 alarm fire in a condo complex a couple blocks away, I felt a bit better about letting her go outside and gawk at the whirly birds. Seriously, right over our house. I wish I had a picture, but it wouldn't have captured it well.

Daddy got home while we were still outside craning our necks to see the helicopters. He and Padyn walked down to the fire to check out the firetrucks. Padyn thought that was pretty cool. Although, it is a bit morbid to have your two year old entertained by someone else's devastation. I think Joel explained enough to her that she knew it wasn't a fun time. She had questions about the smoke and what everyone was doing. Not an easy job to not terrify your child as you are trying to give her enough information so she can somewhat understand the severity of the situation.

It's a bit overwhelming and unsettling to have your neighborhood captured on video by helicopter. This is what it must feel like to live in certain areas of LA. I'm glad this doesn't occur in my neighborhood everyday, or even once a year. It had a very surreal quality to it that I don't care to experience often.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

All by Herself

A very exciting thing happened today. So exciting I am putting off Padyn's nap so I can write about it. Padyn went potty by herself. No, no, I don't mean pulled the pants down and climbed up by herself. She's been doing that for a little while. I mean this...

I was sitting on the couch nursing Kate and I heard what sounded like running water. Of course, I immediately became concerned with Padyn's location. Running water and Padyn is not usually a good combination.

"Padyn? What are you doing?"

"Going potty, Mommy."

Here's the big deal-she initiated it all by herself. She didn't even tell me she had to go. She just went. Sometimes there is pronouncement about the need to use the potty. Usually it is me saying it's time to go or do you have to go. This time? It was all on her own.

Progress is such a good thing.

Now if we can get that pooping thing down...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Amazing Discovery!

Several months ago I was turned onto the miracle cleaning product that is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser by the Girls' Moma. I bought it to clean the (supposedly) washable marker off Padyn's little white table. (It's only washable if you wash it off right away. Seeing as how I'm LAZY I never get around to cleaning it until it is way too late.)

Recently I had the notion to take this miracle of all cleaning products to my floor. See, I have this linoleum in the kitchen and cream colored tile in the entry way. Both had what I assumed were permanent stains on them. I had assumed this because every time I mopped (and that is regularly) they never came out. I thought I was destined for black marks on the floor and discolored tile forever. That is, until Mr. Clean came into my life.

He took those stains away with the most amazing ease. No scrubbing. No sweating. No finger cramps from gripping the sponge so hard in order to rub away the imperfections. Just wipe and "poof" they are no more.

When I was wiping the tiles (which, I actually thought were discolored, not stained), I noticed that my grout had changed color. It was becoming off-white! It had never occurred to me that the grout might not actually be dingy gray/brown. That dinginess was actually dirt! Years and years of dirt! GROSS!

So today during my mopping, I pulled out my new best friend. He stayed strong on the kitchen linoleum. Those marks didn't phase him. He assured me that he was looking forward to the challenge of the grout. So, I let him loose on it.

(I should stop and explain for those of you that have yet to experience this life-altering product that the Magic Eraser is a foam-like sponge which you simply wet and wipe. It disintegrates with usage overtime. I have no idea what's in it, but I really don't want to know. I wear gloves when I'm using it and rewipe surfaces like Padyn's table with soap and water afterwards just to be on the safe side. I would not be surprised if years from now we find out it's got some horrible disfiguring chemical in it that causes you to grow multiple fingers and eyebrows. It's just that good.)

My brand new eraser only made it over about 20 sq. ft. of floor space before he was a small pile of shredded black foam. And he couldn't get every little last piece of dirt out of the grout. But he fought until the very end. And you can now tell what color my floor should be. Well, one third of it, anyway. The rest will have to be tackled on another day by another eraser.

This is Why the Drinking Age is 21

I know it's not nice to make fun of your children or post horrible pictures of them on the internet, but seriously, you just gotta see what I deal with every morning. Just imagine what she would look like if she'd had a few the night before.

And the pacifiers? Don't even go there. I'm still trying to figure out how to convince her to give them up in a couple months when she turns three.

But Katelyn looks lovely in the morning, doesn't she?

General Silliness Abounds

Umm, Padyn, I'm not sure your sister wants you to lie on her. Oh wait...she seems to like it. Go figure. (Really, all things Padyn make Kate smile these days.)

What was that you say? I'm too cute for words? Yes, yes...I know that, thank you.

"Mommy, you say, 'Padyn, wake up!' and I say, 'No, no, no!'"

No really, I have no idea what your talking about. What cheesy grin is that? This is how I always smile. Really.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Pooltime Fun

I've told you how Padyn is swimming-I mean, really swimming, these days. Here are a few pictures that may not prove it, but at least show how much fun she is having at it. And what does Katelyn do during all this fun? Watch, of course.

Jumping in

Throw me higher, Daddy.

She can get around by herself on the noodle. She has also figured out how to hold onto it and go underwater.

Standing up on Daddy's shoulders then jumping off

Dedication Day

Last Sunday we had both Padyn and Katelyn dedicated at our rock n' roll church. Don't ask why it took us this long to do it for Padyn. It was the awkward combination of the busyness of life and pure, simple laziness. That and once we finally settled on a church, we were pretty much pregnant again, so we decided to wait. Lost that baby, got pregnant again, and waited-again. Anyway, you see how it all goes and how there is an excuse for it all...

But I digress. I am not posting this to make excuses but to post some pictures and tell you how it all went down and (as my sister was sure there would be) a funny tidbit or two about the day.

Here's how it went down-in front of most of our extended family and some of our truest friends, plus our church family, we affirmed that it is our desire and plan to teach our girls about Christ and model Godliness for them in our home. Our pastor had researched what their names mean and gave a little background on why we picked them (that's for another blog on another day). Padyn (which stems from Payten and Patrick) means "noble" and Katelyn means "pure beauty." Kate means "pure." He also gave us the biblical meaning of their names. Guess what Padyn's was? Obedience. Yea, not seeing much evidence of that these days. But it does give me hope. That means at some point it should exist, right? No? Pipe dream?
Both girls were very well behaved through-out. I was sure at least one of them would break down in a fit of tears during the 8 minutes we were up front, but both seemed pleased to be the center of everyone's attentions. Padyn did not want to go to the pastor when it was time to pray over them, but that's to be expected from a 2 year old. Kate was pretty easy with it. And I now know why. During the prayer, she yanked his lapel microphone off. She must have been eyeing that thing the whole time. I had no idea it had happened until after church when someone came up to me and told me how cute it was that she did that. At least someone thought so. No one else could hear him, but oh well.
After church we had a BBQ and pool party at our place, because every kid should get to have a pool party (just one more thing to be bitter about when you have a November birthday). More friends and family came. It was a really wonderful day and being surrounded by our families and some of our best friends reminded me again of how truly blessed we are. And how much I want my kids to know God's love and blessings.

Thank you, Lord for all you have bestowed on us. Amen.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

And So She Is...


Welcome Padyn and Katelyn's new friend...

Ella Rose Cornett!
Born last Tuesday to her proud parents. All are doing well. You can see photos and stats on her blog.

We can't wait to meet you, Ella! Way to go, Momma!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Four Months Old

Kate had her 4 month check up on Thursday. Here are her current stats:

weight: 14 pounds, 12 ounces (75th %ile)
length: 25 inches (75%ile)
health status: excellent
While Kate may be the second child, she is first when compared to her sister in many ways. At this age, Padyn was 13 pounds, 5 ounces and 23 3/4 inches long. She was still mostly a blob that lay around in her bouncy seat all day drooling and smiling. Kate does those things and many more. In fact, here's some of her current favorite actvities...
grabbing her toys in her swing
lifting her head up when she is laying on her back
rolling from her tummy to her back
giggling when you tickle her chin
cooing and making cute little baby noises
drooling and producing spit bubbles
smiling with her entire body
sucking on her hands and pacifier
trying to sit up by herself
kicking her feet nonstop
watching Padyn dance around and sing
standing up
trying to roll from her back to her stomach
hanging out in her swing
being held by Mommy
reaching for anything that she might be able to touch

She's lots of fun, my little pumpkin head.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Comparison at Four Months

New one on top, old one on bottom

Power of Two

Aren't sisters great?