Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Friday-Random Weekly Photos

Here are just a few photos (because "just a few" is all I've taken lately) from the past few weeks. We'll start off with one from today. This one records Kate wearing gasp! new clothes AND a sweatshirt. Willingly. But I'm not sure why she always has to wear her hood. You'll see that in other photos as well. She's so happy here because I just let her purchase this silly horse that she's been eyeing for several weeks in the used children's store. It was only $4, but I made her do chores to earn it. It's not her birthday yet...nor is it a toy we need. (We have two other horses that we inherited from two different neighbors.) I felt that she really needed to work for that $4.
Robbie is in love with shoes. He calls them fee. Actually, all things relating to his feet are fee. Shoes, socks, and, well, FEET. But he also loves bigger shoes, and lately he's been all about stealing Padyn's pink Crocs. Like here... ...and here. He thinks he's so clever.
A few Sundays ago we decided to go bowling on campus since the weather was crummy and we had some friends visiting. Apparently, the rest of the county had the same idea because there was a huge wait for lanes. So instead of bowling, we played in the arcade. The first thing the girls wanted to do was play air hockey. I have no idea why. Padyn kicked Kate's butt. But, as you can see, Kate thoroughly enjoyed herself anyway. The score of 8 to 1 did nothing to deter her enthusiasm. Oh, and we came home and played our bowling video game, so I guess we got to "bowl" anyways...

It looks like she's laughing maniacally here, doesn't it? Skunking her sister must have gone to her head.
I found them doing this one morning when I came out of the bathroom. I guess raiding the game closet is better than raiding the pantry. I have a feeling these two are going to enjoy getting into plenty of trouble together in the future.
And finally, nothing is better than wrestling with Daddy. You can see here Robbie looks like he is about to do a belly flop onto Daddy. That's exactly what happened next.
Daddy trains are fun, too...
We'll try to do something photo-worthy this weekend.
Happy Friday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Girl and Her Brother

This set of photos brings tears to my eyes. I've never seen Robbie play with Kate like this, totally unprompted. He certainly loves his big sister.

It all started on Saturday after we rode the train at Roaring Camp. Kate was just lying her in the grass, minding her own business...
..and posing for the camera......when Robbie decided to join her.And then he decided Katelyn needed to be wrestled with. The rest requires no text...

Finally, after at least 5 minutes of wrestling, Kate ran away. She must have decided that her hair had had enough musing, and she went off to join the other kids.

I love that they love each other.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo Saturday-Roaring Camp

I apologize for not posting photos yesterday, but I knew I would get several excellent ones today on our adventure, so I made you all wait. And so now, you may witness our day at Roaring Camp. We met up with some of my college roomies, one of whom was passing through from So Cal on their way to visit family in the Bay Area. So, those of us in Nor Cal rushed down to Santa Cruz this morning so we could have some time together.

Here's our quick lunch before boarding the train. Ten kids, all between 7 and 6 months. So. Much. Fun.
All aboard. We sat on the "wet" side of the train, but no one really noticed their wet bottoms.

Mommy and Juls...
Sach and Jack...
Picture perfect afternoon...
Through the trees...
A boy and a train...
Taking a break from the train...
Here they are all...all ten of them. And, of course, Chris. He was our only Daddy that could come today. He had to be in the picture or else we couldn't get baby Ryan in the shot. And yes, this is the best photo. Have you ever tried to take a picture of ten children? The next one in the serious has a kid running away and the following one has a child crying, I think.Ready to head back to the station...
Train trestle. Thanks for taking the pic, Chris.
This was slightly creepy, so I had to get a shot of it. I'm pretty sure this dude works for Roaring Camp, but in this neck of the woods, you never really know...
Showing off its steam...
I think she had a good time...
Back at the station, we had a little play time before heading home...
Our boys in orange...Brother Bear and Robbie.
Show much fun on the tree...
This was pretty fun. Both Calvin and Robbie brought some cars along to play with. Without any adult intervention, they lined them up opposite each other on the edge of the horseshoe sandbox. Then they stared at each other, as if daring the other to go first. They didn't actually play together. They just stared for a while. I love boys.

Thanks, Juls for organizing. We had such a great day. I love you all!
Happy Saturday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Friday-Januarys of Old

January is a slow photo month. I've got nothing new for you. But as I was browsing through old photos to find something to post (so I don't get hate emails), I realized I hardly ever have photos from January. I decided instead of doing recent January photos, I'd go back and post ones from years past. Since this computer only goes back to mid 2007, my January photos start at 2008. Of course, I didn't post them that way. These are posted January 2010 to January 2008. Sometimes I just like doing things the hard way (and does it ever drive Daddy crazy!)

Ok, so to begin...January 2010. One year ago. Actually, I don't even have any January photos from last year. I find that incredibly hard to believe...maybe I never downloaded them to this computer? It's possible, but not very likely. So, instead, we have some photos from December 2009 and Feburary 2010...

Here's Padyn and Robbie about one year ago. Padyn looks similar, but look at Robbie. A year ago, he couldn't walk, he couldn't even sit up properly. He still had to be in the Boppy. And he has absolutely no hair. But he still loves his big sister. That hasn't changed.Here's one of our family photos from last December. Don't we all look so special!This is from Feburary 2010. I remember how hard it was to get a good picture of all three of them. This was the best one of the lot, and it still isn't great. But look! A year ago Kate was still letting me pull her hair back. Padyn still wears that green shirt. Robbie still has that pacifier.Feburary 2010. Katelyn doesn't wear her dress up clothes much anymore. I think it's part of her "I hate all clothes" phase. And look at those two tiny teeth Robbie had a year ago! He's got a full set of chompers now. I know. He likes running up to me and biting my legs.
Here we are in January 2009. I was pregnant with Robbie and we were living with Auntie. She was so kind to let us live with her while Daddy was still working two hours away and our house was being remodeled. Look! Katelyn used to willingly wear a leotard! (Next post I'll tell you all about her new ballet class.)
This is something that has remained the same in two years. The girls love dancing together. They got the soundtrack to "The Little Mermaid" for Christmas. We listen to it daily. They have choreographed little numbers for each piece of music. Good thing I like the soundtrack as I have heard the "Daughters of Triton" song at least 10 million times while they pretend to be Ariel's sisters.

Remember this? We used to come back to Auntie's house in the afternoon after kindergarten and preschool and the girls would get in their pajamas and play in their tent. It would be 3 in the afternoon and they would be dressed for bed. And even though it's been two years, they still have these PJs in their drawers. Yes. They still wear them.
January 2008. Three years ago. We still lived in the Bay Area. Katelyn was the age that Robbie is now. (She seemed so much older). Robbie wasn't even a thought in our minds at this point. The girls were just starting to play together. I remember this being a fun game...stick Kate in the laundry basket and sit on her. Padyn's always been such a good big sister, hasn't she?

Padyn at 4 years old...a bit younger than Kate is now.
Kate at 1 1/2. I know this is a horrible picture of her, but I just remember how messed up she'd be when she woke up from her nap. And she had that horrible mullet.

Here's a better one of her from the same month and year...such cute girls.
Happy (blast from the past) Friday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter to a Four Year Old-Part II

Dear Katelyn,

Thank you for going through all your pants and shirts with me over the last two days and choosing the ones you are willing to wear. I'm actually quite amazed that you have 5 pairs of pants and 6 shirts that you claim are suitable for your sensitive body. Now you have a drawer that you can go to with all your acceptable clothes. That drawer right above your "will wear" clothes that have the clothes you "aren't sure about"...well, we'll just keep checking in on those. And while I'd say I was impressed that there are actually pants and shirts you are willing to wear, I'd have to forgot about that drawer in the stairs of you bed that now holds all those clothes you claim "you will never ever ever wear." You know, that drawer that holds your jeans, fleece pants, and every single pair of pajamas you own. I have to keep them. I do. There are just times when you have to wear jeans and you might absolutely require a solid pink shirt. But I won't dwell on that drawer. Today we made progress . When I told you it was too cold outside for a skirt and that you HAD TO wear pants and a sweatshirt or jacket, you did. Never mind that you get almost completely naked for the short ride to school. Never mind that you didn't wear socks. Never mind that you wore a short sleeve shirt under your fleece sweatshirt. I will just keep reminding myself of the progress.

But if you could just answer a simple question for me, Katie, you're daddy and I would be much appreciative. It would help us plan for future years. (Do we need to set money aside now for counseling?) How long are you planning on staying crazy? Is this a four year old thing that kindergarten will beat out of you? Or is this completely illogical, insane behavior that you exhibit day in and day out...over clothes, shoes, underwear, food, carseats, hairbrushes, and this here to stay? Are you that kid? If you could just let me know, please. I'll make sure I purchase enough booze on my Costco runs.

And even if you do stay crazy, I'll still love you. Even when you refuse to wear pants when it is 29 degrees outside.


Friday, January 07, 2011

Photo Friday-Just Barely

It's hard to post pictures for Photo Friday when I hadn't taken any since December 27th. So, despite the hand foot and mouth disease, ear infections, cold viruses, goopy ears, and sore throats that have plagued us over the last couple weeks, I pulled at the camera today to show you what our typical Friday afternoon looks like...

The girls like to bring all their toys out to the family room and set up some elaborate scene to pretend around. Robbie just likes to hang out near them in his new shoes playing with his toys before the girls steal them to make part of their production.

Padyn is often writing some elaborate list or script or drawing some new creation. I'm not sure. But she prefers the floor to the table. Oh, and look. You can see Kate's new shoe, and the only pair of pants that she will wear these days. The shoes are the 3rd pair of Crocs I've bought for her over the last couple weeks. This is the pair she finally doesn't complain about. Well, she doesn't complain about them much. She still wears them, which is a huge accomplishment.
I'm really not sure what they are doing here but I do know that yarn is one of their favorite accessories lately. (See Robbie's blocks down there that they've stolen?)Oh's the only other article of clothing besides the "snow dress" that Kate will wear. It matches her pants. BonBon got it for her for Christmas. You had to scrape my mouth off the floor when she willingly put it on the day after Christmas. Seriously. It's this or the snow dress. And usually she wears the pants with the snow dress. The pant knees already look like they are a year old.And here's the big boy. Hand foot and mouth (which he gave to Mommy), runny nose, goopy ear with infection...isn't he a handsome one? I think he needs a haircut.
Happy Friday. I hope you are staying healthier than we are. We might be pathetic, but at least we are no longer contagious (fingers crossed).