Friday, January 29, 2010

Photo Friday-The Sickos Edition

The only pictures I took this week were of my two sick children. Well, now Padyn has the cough, too, but I don't have pictures of her. Well, I have a few, but I can't put pictures of her in the bathtub with Robbie on the internet. Six seems too old for that, even when there is nothing showing.

But that's right...both Kate and Robbie have been sick this week. Kate came home from school on Tuesday with a fever and has yet to be free of it. There's also the horrific cough that makes you wonder why you haven't seen her lung come up out of her chest yet. As I type, she is hacking away in her sleep. And really, she has just gotten progressively worse as the week dragged on. Today she was a bit perkier, but that fever is still hanging on. And there is a possible ear infection looming in her future...

Robbie woke up from his nap on Wednesday with the cough. His low grade fever started yesterday. Today, and especially tonight, he was a pathetic little creature. His nose is dripping all over his face, his eyes are starting to get swollen, and he has been waking up every few minutes to cry for a few seconds before falling back into a fitful sleep.

Padyn isn't free and clear yet, unfortunately. While there has been no fever for her, she did start coughing yesterday. It's nothing like her sister's, but it has potential. We'll see what the weekend holds.

But enough of that. What you are really here for are the here they are.

Robbie's new favorite thing is the bath. I have him get in with Padyn. She helps me wash him and has shown his the best splashing techniques. Not that he needs any modeling. He seems to have that part down.
Here is Kate this afternoon with Padyn's Tacky the Penguin that she made at school this week. She has become quite the expert on penguins as they have been learning all about them over the past couple weeks. Kate's face looks a whole lot better today than it has the last two days. Yesterday her eyes were much more swollen.Here's Robbie, just hanging out this afternoon. He likes sitting up and playing with his toys, but only if someone else is in the room with him. That person doesn't have to be playing with him, or even sitting with him. Just in the room. Otherwise, he's not a happy camper and he lets you know it.There's my cute boy. See the scratches on the right side of his forehead? He gave those to himself this morning. The doctor asked if they were cat scratches. Nope. Just plain old too-long baby fingernail scratches...
He looks happy here. He's not so happy anymore. Hopefully tomorrow will bring with it healthier children. And no rain. And sunshine. And a pony.
Happy Friday.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Saturday-Baby Tommy's Visit

Baby Tommy and Hezzie and Greggie came to visit this weekend. Robbie thought it was a TON of fun to have another small person around. The girls loved entertaining another kid, and occasionally Tommy seemed to enjoy it as well!Robbie and Tommy playing together. Robbie is 9 months old and Tommy will be 5 months old next week.
Padyn was getting in on the action as well.Here is my attempt at a cousin photo. This is the best one I got.For some reason, both girls really wanted to hold their brother today...

Happy Saturday!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Daze

What do you do when it's rainy and cold, you have three days off of school, and Daddy is sick with the flu? Well, that's easy...

You build forts...

You pretend to be Baby Jaguar AND Rescue Girl...

And, you of course splash in the puddles...

But Mommy is sure glad we're back to school tomorrow!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nine Months Old Today

Here he is...the big man. And today he is nine months old.

He loves to play and smile......almost as much as he loves to eat.Update will come after his 9 month appointment in a couple weeks. But for now I'll leave you with a picture of his newest development...his new top teeth.

Do you see them? He isn't getting his center teeth first. He's getting his lateral incisors. Those of the ones next to the center top teeth. What a strange kid.What will he look like if those middle ones don't come in right away? Padyn is already referring to him as a vampire. I wonder if she really knows what a vampire is...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Saturday-Some Pictures You Haven't Seen Yet

I know, I know. It's Saturday, not Friday. But with two playdates yesterday and Daddy being gone most of the week, it just didn't happen. I'm good, but I'm not that good...

And can you believe that I haven't taken pictures all week long? I've had plenty of opportunity...all three kids in the tub, many friends over, crazy hair, two new teeth...none of it documented. Oh well. There's another week right around the corner.

So here for you today are some photos that have not seen the light of the internet yet. Like this first one. It's from way back at the beginning of December on Daddy's birthday. Don't you like the Strawberry Shortcake party hats?This one is from the day after Christmas at Papa and BonBon's house. We were opening presents with them that morning. This was Robbie's favorite present...his new wagon. He sat (and still sits) in that thing forever, happy. Throw him a few toys and he'll happily pound away with them. What an amazing toy!Kate got the same thing from Grandma this Christmas that she got last Christmas (at my request)-new dress-up clothes to replace the ones that are tattered and ripped. (They are good for pretending to be Cinderella, though). This was her initial trying on of the new ones.
Robbie, Robbie. Such a happy boy, even while cutting two teeth.
Bella and Padyn had a great time together for the week. They wore their hair the same way everyday.

Here he is, hanging out in the wagon. Just a few days ago, Daddy put the wheels on, but made the handle unusable so the girls can't pull Robbie all over the house. Kate loves pushing herself around in it and calls it her rocketship.

I bought new bath toys to celebrate finally getting to use our bathtub. Robbie loves the starfish and the walrus almost as much as he loves taking a bath. (He's only had a handful of baths in his short life. It's usually a shower for him. But not anymore.)
He's not crawling yet, but he is very happy to sit and reach for toys. Yesterday he spent almost 30 minutes happily playing on his tummy, which is HIGHLY unusual for him. He always prefers sitting up. I think it helped that Kate's friend sat with him most of the time, sharing his toys.
That's all for now. I've got a baby to put down for a nap, a super whiny kid to take out of time out, and breakfast dishes to clean up. Gonna be a good weekend, I can tell.
Happy Saturday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Christmas Pictures from Auntie

We celebrated Christmas on January 2nd with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, and Bella's family. I got a few shots from that day, but Auntie got more. These are all from her camera.

Auntie and Kate. Love the smile, Kate.Kate trying on Mommy's new sunglasses. They look smashing, don't they?Kate, Bella and Padyn with one of Bella's presents. All the girls loved this gift.Super happy boy! (Actually, I don't think this photo was taken that day, but it's too cute to not include.)
All the kids. Again, I think this was actually taken on Christmas day at my grandmother's house. Good one, Auntie. It's my only one of the three this Christmas.

Auntie and Padyn at Grammie's.Rock star Kate. Do you know what the thing that she's singing into is? That's right...a holder for toilet paper rolls. That's my girl!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Pics

Here's a few shots of the girls taken on Christmas morning. There are your usual not-terribly-exciting-but-you-take-them-anyway-because-it's-Christmas photos of...

a hairbrush...
socks....and underwear.
(She was really excited about these, though, because they are Fancy Nancy underwear.)And then there are the photos that capture the joy, even over mundane gifts, like toothbrushes...
...and headbands and scarves. (This was Padyn's present to Kate, so that probably has something to do with the big smile.)
Mimi and Grandpa...these pillows were a big hit.

Apparently, I got no shots of Robbie on this Christmas morning. There will be others, though.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Photo Friday-Winter Vacation

I figured since the girls got two weeks off of school, I should get two weeks off, too. And since the laundry, the dishes, the dustbunnies, and the kids would never dream of letting me have two weeks free of them, I decided to take two weeks off blogging. Ok, wasn't really a conscious decision. It just sort of happened. But it sounds good, right?

So, here's what we did over our winter break, in no particular order...

Played dress a box...(She really is able to get all the way in there and close the lid. She wants me to lock it, but I refuse.)
...and while pretending to pray.
We ate...
...lots of cheerios (I mean really...LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!)

...and a few things we probably shouldn't have eaten.We went to the snow with our cousins. (This is our only snow picture due to the fact it was really SNOWING and I didn't want to subject my camera to that.)We went to the coast with our newest cousin (also not pictured)...
...and watched the surfers. It was a big wave day, so lots of surfers.
We played... our tent with our books on our jumpy-thingo......with our cousins......and with each other.Of course, there was also Christmas in there...
but since we opened presents no less than four times, those pictures will be for another post.Other happenings over our break that could not be photographed...
*Everyone got a cold
*Robbie cut his third tooth (and it's his upper lateral incisor...freak child!)
*We didn't sleep well most nights (see previous statement)
*Robbie started eating real food other than Cheerios (though Cheerios are probably still his favorite chewable food)
*We said good-bye for six months to our good friends and Padyn's BFF (Australia is so far away!)
*We now have 2 working bathrooms! YIPEE!
*We made a lot of cookies that didn't require baking, watched a lot of TV, played with friends and slept in.

All in all, a very pleasant break.
Happy Friday!