Sunday, February 27, 2011

From Snow to Sun

Two weekends ago we were in the snow. Last week, we headed in the opposite direction and went to the sun for the week. I say "sun," but that does not necessarily imply warmth. I should clarify was warmish, but not hot. Not like, swim-all-the-time hot. Clearly, that didn't stop my family from jumping in the pool on a daily basis.

As long as you stayed in the pool, it was quite warm.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo Friday-Snow Fun

Last Saturday, while we were in Tahoe, everyone had a fun snow day. Padyn and Daddy spent the day doing this...

...while Robbie, Kate and I played outside the cabin in the snow. The hard, dirty snow.

Here they are, suiting up...

...and here they are outside. Don't let Robbie's smile fool you. He hated the snow. Didn't even want me to carry him around in it. He preferred to play here, in the street, while his normally non-adventurous sister tromped around in the snow. The hard, icy snow.

So proud of herself that she climbed up the "hill" (read: very small slope) all by herself. She had a bit of trouble getting on the sled, though.
Both of them actually enjoyed playing in the parking lot.
Kate was very adventurous. I was quite astonished by her this day. Here she in on top of another "hill" that she climbed.
Did I mention the snow was dirty? Definite drawback of playing in the parking lot. But what are you going to do when one of them hates the snow?After scaling the snow mountain, Kate wandered off to find cleaner snow to make a snow angel in. She didn't really care that the snow was hard and icy. She was going to make her angel, dang it.
Happy Friday.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Tuesday-Winter Day on the Lake

Last weekend we headed up to the mountains with some friends for a beautiful weekend of sun, snow, skiing and general winter wonderful fun. There was still snow on the ground at the cabin, but down by the lake, it was hard to tell that it was still the middle of winter.

Well, the girls reminded us it was winter. Their favorite game was pulling ice chunks out of a sunken boat. I guess their boats let us know it is winter, too.

The prize of ice.

Jealous, aren't you?

Happy Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Life Through Kate's Lense

Grandma was kind enough to get Kate her own camera for Christmas. It has eliminated the fighting between Kate and Padyn over Padyn's camera, but has created a new rival between Kate and her brother. Oh well.

Most photos on the camera are of inanimate objects-stuffed animals, toys, light fixtures, the hallway...but there are a few of us in the mix. I chose to highlight these for Kate's first photo post. Obviously, she didn't take all of these, as she herself is in some. But she did take most. Here's her budding photo skills on display for the first time ever.

I think I am responsible for the first and third of Kate, and Padyn took the middle one.

Definitely taken by a child...

Daddy might be responsible for this one. The distance from the camera is just too appropriate for a four year old.
This is more like a four year old shot...

Mommy! (Yes, taken by Kate)
Next time I'll see if I can get Robbie to take some, not just delete them.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Photo Monday-Because I Owe You

This past Friday I helped put together a fundraiser for Kate's preschool. It was a bit of a crazy week, so go figure as to why I didn't post photos on Friday. Then there was the weekend of recovery. And now it's Monday. So here you have it...Photo Monday.

This one was actually taken just a few moments ago. The girl who won't let you brush her hair suddenly wants to look like Princess Leia. Literally. That's what she said when she asked me to do her hair..."I want Princess Leia hair." She hangs out with too many boys...Robbie has a new word. EESE! Yes. He's gotten quite used to everyone taking pictures of him and can now say cheese. Unprompted.Like here....And here...Look! A new shirt! I think we are now at 5 shirts that she will wear.
Not many photos of Padyn these days. Mostly because she's not home as much as the other kiddos. And when she is home, you usually find her reading. Robbie decided to join her the other day. I'm shocked he shared his chair willingly. But then again, he does adore his big sister.
He just climbed right up there next to her to work on his block box.
Another new trick-he can climb up on the piano bench by himself. We've been introduced to so many new "songs" lately.

He's so proud of himself.
Happy Monday.