Thursday, December 24, 2009

Glad Tidings We Bring

For unto us a child is born.

Let us prepare Him room.

Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Under Siege

That's how my father-in-law described our weekend. I think it's appropriate...

First, all the kids and Mommy are sick. We came down with it the day that winter vacation started. Of course! I think we were sick at this time last year, too. And I had just been feeling grateful that we hadn't been ill yet this season. It's only a cold verses the stomach flu, so technically, it could be worse. Everyone feels warm, but no one is registering a fever, so that's something, right?

Then, there was the Saturday night trip to the ER for Katelyn. Yes. Again. Daddy took her again as well. This time she sliced her face right under her eye on the faucet in the bathtub. It was the first night they were taking a bath in there new-almost-ready-to-used-on-a-daily-basis bathroom. Apparently she put her face under water and when she came up she smacked into the faucet. Another half inch and it would have been her eye. It was deep but clean and the ER doc stuck that skin glue on it. It doesn't look too terrible. We keep waiting for her eye to get nice and purple. I have no pictures of it yet, but I'll be sure to show you soon.

Then there was last night. Robbie decided he wasn't going to sleep anymore. I knew those 3 nights of bliss weren't going to last forever. This time he was up almost every hour until I brought him into bed with me at 3:30am. Then he let me sleep for two hours in a row. But only that one time. He went back to every hour after that until I finally decided we were just getting up. He is either ready to cut a tooth or his ears are bugging him. But again, no fever, so we'll have to ride it out.

And then there was today. And the puking. Three times. By Katelyn. I know! That kid! It's her normal get sick and mucus-y and start hacking away until she pukes routine. She ate three breakfasts. All of them came back up. Just ask me how much laundry I've done today. Or how many times she's been in the shower. Or how many videos she has watched so she'll STAY STILL.

And, of course, everyone was cranky and tired from sleeping poorly (or going to bed late as was the case with Katelyn) and Mommy and Daddy got very little accomplished today. The dishes alone seems to eat up hours. Some of us got naps, but that only means that the girls are STILL awake and it's almost 9pm. UGH!

Can we just start over? Please?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Photo Friday-8 Months Old

Robert turned eight months old yesterday. To record the milestone, I took some pictures this morning at breakfast. As you can see, there are little tiny pieces of food on his tray. Those would be Cheerios. And yes, he loves them. He can't quite get them in his mouth yet, but he's trying. Just like how he's trying at this very moment to help me type.
You can see in the last picture he's actually managed to get a bit of Cheerio in his hand. Don't worry...he can't put it in his mouth yet. I mean, that would just make my breakfast time too easy if he could actually feed himself.
Other significant items of our 8 month old...he is now very stable sitting up and for the last two nights in a row he slept straight through for eleven and twelve hours. Unfortunately, I believe this glorious occurrence is simply the result of the H1N1 vaccine he got on Wednesday. His little body is working hard to make those antibodies. I'm sure we'll be back up at 2, 3 and 4am over the next few nights.
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Go Tell It

Kate's preschool performed in church this past Sunday. They do it every year as a "thank you" to the church for providing the space for the preschool. This was our first experience with it. I was really not sure what to expect, especially from my daughter. Every time I played the song for Kate to practice over the last two weeks, she'd only do the motions. She refused to sing. I think at one point she did reassure me that when it was time to sing on stage, she really would. But you know me...I know better than to believe what comes out a of three-year-old mouth.

But sure enough, little Miss K did not lie. (Not about this, anyway. There are many many other things she lies about. And if anyone can give me some advice on a good way to deal with that, I'd be grateful.) Here they all are, in their glory singing "Go Tell It On the Mountain."

That's daughter was right in the front. You can imagine what I thought when I saw that. I, too, was RIGHT IN THE FRONT which is fine for a singing performance, but a little disconcerting when it's the pastor's turn to get up and speak. Let's just say that photo of Kate I wanted to send to Daddy (who couldn't be there) had to wait until after the service to be texted.

I've totally sidetracked. As I was saying....she SANG. And LOUDLY. In fact, the second time around (the kids performed at both services) I could hear Kate through all the other voices as I stood against the back wall of the auditorium. I was so proud. And amazed. It did take a bit of scraping to get my jaw off the floor.
I love looking at all the other kids, too.They had the kids projected on the two big screens that flank the stage. Kate didn't realize it until the end. But when she did, where do you think her attention was?

Her pal next to her here (with the red bow) is also a Kate. I can't believe they let the two of them stand next to each other. At one point before they started singing, they pulled each other down to the floor. I was sure the rest of the performance was going to be a disaster. But no. They pulled it together. It was a Christmas Miracle. Well, a small one compared to the original, anyway.Just so proud.

If you come over, I'm sure Kate will happily show you the DVD.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Culinary Delights

This morning while I was making Padyn's lunch, Kate was insistent that she wanted salami with peanut butter on it. I tried to assure her that, no, she really didn't. But you know how stubborn 3 and a half year olds can be...

So I did what any good mommy would do. I smirked and gave her what she wanted knowing that within 17 seconds I would be proved right.

First bite: MMMM! Yummy, Mommy!"

Mommy experiences momentary confusion.

Second bite: I don't want anymore, Mommy. I don't like it.

Awww, the universe is restored.

It reminded me of this exchange with Padyn a long long time ago...

I don't think Padyn has ever tried that combination again, either.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo Friday

As you can see, the results are in and the new header winner is B! Thanks to all who voiced an opinion and allowed me not to have to make a decision...

And as your reward, you get to look at more cute pictures. Here are Padyn and Robbie hamming it up for the camera before I got the shot of the three of them that you now see on the header.

Happy Friday.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Color Mixing Knowledge

Uttered during our painting session yesterday while we were mixing yellow and blue paint...

Kate: Mommy, we have a hula hoop at school that's green, so I already know that yellow and blue make green.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Photo Friday-New Header Photo Contest

It's only been 7 and a half months that I've been meaning to change the header on my blog. It's a bit outdated, don't you think? I mean, not only does it only have two of my children, the photo is from a year and a half ago!

But, getting a photo of my three children is much easier said than done. The likelihood of getting a decent photo of multiple kids plummets exponentially with each child you add, don't you think? Given the odds, I would say following came out extremely well.

Now, this is the part I need your help with. Which photo do you think I should use? Submit your preference in the comments with an 100 word essay to justify your position. Or, just tell me A, B or C.

Photo A
Photo B
Photo CPolls close at the end of next week.
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Comparison at Six and Seven Months

So, one big difference I noticed between the girls and their brother is they smiled a whole lot more for the camera than he does. It not that he doesn't smile or isn't as happy a kid. He does and he is. And I swear...I take almost as many pictures of him as I did of the girls. He's just as cute and adorable and makes me think, "I gotta get a picture of that!" But when I pull out the camera, he turns into Mr. Serious. Maybe it's the flash. I didn't have this particular flash on my camera with the girls. Well, whatever it is, you'll have to compare mostly smiles pics of Robbie's two sisters to his not-so-smiley ones.
For viewing purposes, it will always be Padyn on the top, Kate in the middle, and Robbie on the bottom. Just like in real life...

By 7 months all the kids were sitting up. I think Kate was totally stable and on her own while Padyn and Robbie still need(ed) the support of a pillow around them to ensure their little heads didn't knock on the floor when they inevitably fell over. Heck, Kate was crawling by 7 months. I had forgotten that. Crawling, climbing, holding herself up on the coffee table...much more of a mover, that one. All three were/are very happy babies. They loved to giggle, grab Mommy's hair, and try to launch out of my arms to reach for something. Padyn probably laughed the least, but that makes sense...she had the least to laugh out. Lucky Robbie has two whirlwinds who are more than happy to show off their latest modern dance moves or operatic singing voices. My favorite giggle, though, is when I tickle his neck. That will put a smile on your face no matter your mood.

The girls loved playing in the down comforter on my bed. I haven't even thought to get a picture of Robbie doing this. I should. I did it for the girls' seven month comparison.

Robbie spends much more time in his bouncy saucer than anywhere else. It's safe, secure, and easier for him to see the action. When I put him on the floor, I have to stay nearby to ensure Kate doesn't try to "accidentally" put something in his mouth. Oh, don't underestimate her. She's tried to feed him toys while he's in his saucer, too. It's just that I have a better visual on the situation and can usually intervene before anyone does something that would result in a punishment.With the side profile, we see some distinct differences. Padyn had that spiky hair already and those chubby cheeks. Kate had (and still has) that pronounced chin that seems to have bypassed both her siblings. And Robbie? Well, I think he's a pretty good combination of the other two. He got Kate's rounder head and Padyn's (and Mommy's) lack of chin. I think they might all have the same's hard to tell in these shots. I think their eyes are different, too...

Eye Exhibit B...

One of the most drastic differences between Robert and his sisters is in the food/eating category. Padyn happily ate baby food until she was about 8 months. At that point she decided the mushy stuff wasn't for her anymore and she wanted real food. Finding non-groundup food was a bit challenging. I remember many dinners of refried beans and avocado.
While she might look happy about eating in this picture, Katelyn really wasn't into solids. I think it was mainly because of her sensitive gag reflex. She really didn't want food until she discovered peaches and prunes. Then eventually cheese and yogurt. To this day, she doesn't eat nearly as well as Padyn did or does. Apparently you can live on snack food and diary items.
Robbie loves eating. While his sisters were barely eating 2 solid feedings a day, he puts away 3 HUGE meals, plus his 5 or 6 liquid feedings. My understanding is that this is typically a boy trait. Hopefully he will hold onto his willingness to eat food from all the food groups and not go the way of his sister.Aren't they so cute? It's great for me to look back at old pictures of the girls and compare notes. I should do a comparison photo of Padyn and Kate at 3 1/2. But not today. I have dinner to make now. Dinner that only one of my kids will probably eat...