Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Slick Deals

I hate buying shoes for the girls. First of all, they have SO MANY SHOES already. (Yet, for whatever reason, they only seem to wear one or two pairs.) Secondly, kids' shoes are ridiculously expensive for the amount of time they are able to wear them. I hardly spend $50 on a pair of shoes for me, and my feet aren't growing rapidly (though they could be getting wider). I just can't possibly spend that on my children. (I feel the same way about clothing.)

But, even though I'm morally opposed to children's shoe stores that charge ridiculous amounts of money and try to tell you that you are doing the right thing by spending $55 on this product for your child, I went into one on Monday with the girls. Mainly, I wanted to get Kate's feet sized-she always complains about her shoes and she refused to wear her tennis shoes. I wanted to make sure she was in the right size. (She wasn't...she was off by at least a size, plus she's a wide. Go figure). While we were there, I browsed to see if anything on clearance was worth looking at. Nope. Clearance items were still $30. Still too much.

But then, as I was about to leave, I spied a rack that claimed "2 for $30." Thinking that I couldn't do much better than that at Target, I went looking. And lo and behold, we came away with a pair of tennis shoes for each girl. Yes! Neither of the girls has a good pair of tennis shoes that they are willing to wear. For this price, I could risk it.

Sure, Kate's are too big still (better than small, right?) and Padyn's are a bit large...but still! $15 a pair! I don't think I could have done better at the outlet. And the best part? Padyn has not taken hers off since we came home. She wanted to take a nap in them yesterday. (I wouldn't let her as she was napping in my bed.) She wore them all day Monday, to school yesterday, and all over the house when she usually comes home and immediately takes her shoes off. Plus, she is now motivated to learn to tie her shoes.

I wish I could find deals like that everyday.

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Rochelle said...

I so hate shoe shopping for kids, and for all the same reasons! But Brandon wears through his shoes so quickly. Cheap shoes don't make it more than a couple of months (and that's even with me making repairs with the glue gun). However, I've discovered a Stride Rite outlet at a mall about 15 miles away. I plan a trip every 6 months or so, and hit the Carter's outlet next door! The shoes are usually at half price or more, not as good as the deal you got, but good for Stride Rite. And they last! Caitlin was wearing a pair of Brandon's old shoes today from a couple of years ago. And I'm going to hand them down to a friends. Go deals!