Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cookie Time

I've been making a lot of cookies lately. (Must be a pregnancy thing.) A few weeks ago I had a craving for Chocolate Crackles, a cookie my mom made all the time when we were growing up, but I had never made as an adult. I didn't have the recipe, so instead of calling my mom (sorry, Mom), I looked on-line. There are hundreds of "Chocolate Crackle" recipes out there. I chose the one that looked the easiest and that I had all the ingredients on hand for. Turned out I made a fine call. We've had them twice since then. They are really good. If you want the recipe you can go here to my recipe blog. (Didn't know I had a recipe blog? Well, now you do.)

Part of the cookie making process is rolling the balls of chocolate in powdered sugar. Here are the girls helping out with that. You can use your imagination to visual how messy this process become. Powdered sugar everywhere. But the cookies were totally worth it.

And wasn't warm day. My 3 year old just doesn't like putting clothes back on after her nap. And that 5 year old thinks it's summer all year long. I was probably wearing a two long sleeve shirts and a fleece sweatshirt. We're a bit different, these girls and I.


captain said...

Thanks for Blogging again, we have really missed it! The Girls look great. We can only imagine the hectic life you lead. We don't know how we did it! Being young must help a LOT. It WILL be over some day. We are so sorry your tummy hurts.Save some cookies for me. We love you!!!!

Erin said...

Callie = NO CLOTHES all the time. It's only 71 degrees in our house and yet, there she is, no shirt on, no pants. Kids.

At least you didn't have to clean Kate's clothes when you were done!

Stacey said...

I TOTALLY remember those same cookies growing up too! I wonder if my mom got the recipe from your mom or other way around... Now I think I may need to make those today.