Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Escape Artist

Ways to Frustrate Mommy #34: Constantly working left arm out of swaddle, thereby screwing up sleep.


Mommy Jules said...

Didn't Kate have to have one arm free when she was swaddled? He is so cute! It looks like he is filling out a little.

Cinco said...

We can so relate.

Have you looked into the miracle blanket? (

We got these for Kate when she was little because she was doing the same, and they keep 'em nice and tight. We're using them on the twins now.


Rochelle said...

We swaddled Brandon for months, and it helped him sleep. We were given a swaddle blanket for Caitlin, which made swaddling all that much easier. However, she just *had* to have one little arm out. She would struggle and struggle, not sleeping, to get the arm out! Once it was out, she'd go to sleep. We had to swaddle with one arm out after we discovered that issue! Maybe Robbie is the same way. We did the partial swaddle for a month or so, but were done by the third month.