Wednesday, May 05, 2010

One and Four Year Stats

Katelyn Marie
Turned 4 on April 3.
As of today, she weighs in at 36 pounds, stands 40 inches tall and can see and hear normally. Oh, and she isn't anemic.
Favorite activities include dressing up like a princess, reciting movie lines with her sister (Cinderella is a current favorite), playing with her Littlest Pet Shop, wrestling with Daddy, and shouting at her brother in an attempt to make him notice her.
Most common phrase: "I want to do it myself."
Nickname: Drama Queen (we don't really say that in front of her)
Favorite Treat: Pink Lemonade Frozen Yogurt with Gummy Worms

Robert Thomas
Turned 1 on April 17
As of today, weighs in at 22 pounds and 9 ounces, is just over 30 inches long, and has a head that is 47cm in circumference.
Eight teeth are showing, one back molar has cut, and I think 3 more are rapidly making their way through his gums.
New communication: Signs "more" (but usually only for berries or other fruit)
New Games: playing with the sounds his mouth can make, cuddling with Mommy, Peek-A-Boo, biting (but not really sinking his teeth into) Mommy's shoulder.
Favorite Phrase: "Ahdada"
Favorite Toy: LeapFrog Fridge Farm
Favorite Activity: playing in the bathtub

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Susan said...

I believe Robbie now weighs more than Owen. Such a light weight!