Monday, November 14, 2011

8 Years Old

Dear Padyn,
I can't believe you turned 8 years old today. Long gone are the days were I could rock you to sleep or pick you up and swing you around. Actually, I can still do that last one, but only at risk of injury to one of us.

I can't believe how grown up you are becoming. You certainly look more grown up. Your face it maturing and you are getting taller. You don't like to be called "cute," even though you certainly are. Would you prefer beautiful? Pretty? Adorable? All those are true. And you are much more capable and confident than you were a year ago. You read, you spell, you solve math problems, you try to help me solve problems. I'm so glad you are finally interested in doing things for yourself! And when you choose to be, you are extremely helpful, especially with your brothers. These are things I really look forward to as you grow older.

But I also fret. I worry as you get older that you will stop talking to me and telling me things. It has always been incredibly hard to get you to talk about anything, and I fear it will only get worse as you get closer to your teenage years. Already you show signs of the future years...moodiness, attitudes, crying even though you don't know why....sigh....I am so not looking forward to that. I would love to just stop time and have you stay 8 forever. In third grade. Innocent. Happy. Carefree. I know you want to grow up, but trust me. Later you will wish you could remember more of this time, enjoy it a little longer. I know I will. I pray this 9th year will be full of joy and friendship and growth and happiness and fun. I hope you know how much your Daddy and I love you. It makes me cry, you growing up. Soon you may want to have much to do with us for a bit as you can sort out who you are and what that will look like. I pray that will be a very long time from now. Until then, enjoy being 8. Be nice to your sister. Enjoy your friends. And keep giving me hugs and kisses. Keep telling us that you love us. We feel the same about you.




KAZZ said...

My goodness where did the time go?? Happy Birthdays Padyn & Mummy....hope you have lots of fun celebrating together...Love and hugs from the Hunter Valley Down Under XXX

Susan said...

Where is the like button:> Happy Birthday P!