Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let Us Pray

On Tuesday night, just in time for Lent, Robbie prayed his first prayer all by himself. Sure, it was a replica of what we pray with him every night, but still. All on his own. Here's how it went down.

Scene:Kate, Robbie and I all lying (squished) on Robbie's car bed. Books are read and I've just asked Kate to pray. I'm about to start praying with Robbie and he says...

NO! Let ME do it!

Ok, Buddy. Go ahead.

Tank you God for Moooommmmyyyy and Daaaddddyyyy and Paaaaaadyyyyynn and Kaaaaaaate and ROOOOOOBBBBBBIIIIEEEE!

At this point, I think he's done, so I start to say, "And..." but I am rudely interrupted....


Ok, keep going...

An for my fends. Hep me sweep well unight. AAAAMEN!


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KAZZ said...

More would be better BUT once a month is fine...would still make for a nice little catchup all round...don't always comment but do always n hugs from the Happy Hunter XXX