Thursday, November 01, 2012

Trick Or Treat

A few pics from our day yesterday....

Robbie started with a Halloween Parade at school. He and his adorable school mates marched around the church collecting treats from all the church staff.
Robbie started off as a dragon, then became a dinosaur, then by the time we went trick or treating, he was telling everyone he was a T-Rex. I love the look his pal, J, is giving him in this picture.
The neighborhood gang, setting out to ask random strangers for candy. What an odd tradition. I'm surprised it still endures....
Padyn, Bella and Kate with their loot. Padyn, the marathon runner; Bella, the werewolf; and Katelyn, the Ice Bear Fairy (from the Rainbow Fairy books)
And I can't leave out the most creative costume of all...Michelle! Our fearless babysitter LOVES Halloween (possibly more than our children ) and relished in everything from decorating the pumpkins (an airplane and an angry bird, just two examples of many) to creating her festive costume.It was quite an awesome spectacle.
Happy November.

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