Saturday, February 20, 2010

Photo Saturday-Not Much For You Today

I only have two photos for you today because I'm busy. But if I tell you what I'm busy doing you'll be super jealous and not want to be my friend anymore, so I'll just save it. You'll figure it out when you see the next post (which might not be for a week or so...just warning you.)

This week Miss Padyn moved up a belt in karate. Here she is before her belt promotion ceremony last night practicing her side kick. Not pictured (though there is one on Daddy's phone) is her in her new yellow belt. Hiya! Mr. Robbie is finally cutting his upper middle teeth. Soon he will not look so much like a vampire. Fortunately for us, this means a return to a regular (sort of) night's sleep and more consistent eating patterns. Although, he is following in the path of his oldest sister. Apparently, he just wants finger foods these days. Hmmm...what will I do with all the frozen pureed food in the freezer? Carrot smoothie?
Not pictured is Miss Katelyn because, well, because she's Katelyn. Currently she is in her room screaming her head off because I will not give her what she wants. That's about what life is like with her right now. And she wants to be carried everywhere. A bit jealous of her younger sibling?
Happy Saturday. Next time you see us...well, you'll see us.


Erin said...

Way to go, Padyn! Congratulations on your yellow belt!

Brand New Momma said...

If you are not in Costa Rica right now then I'm not going to be jealous;>