Thursday, May 03, 2007

12 and 13 Month Update

Today is Kate's 13 month birthday, therefore it is time for her 13 month update. And seeing as how I was a REALLY BAD MOMMY and completely missed her 12 month update, I'll just pretend I meant to do that and give you a combined update right now.

Weight (at 12 months): 21lb, 6 oz
Length (at 12 months): 28 3/4 inches
****I don't remember the percentiles on these. They aren't written down on my paper. I think one is 50th and one is 60th, but I couldn't tell you what is what. Probably 50th on length and 60th on weight since that's been her trend over time.****

Health: Kate still had fluid in her ears on the 12 month visit. I put her back on antibiotics a few weeks ago because she was so congested and drippy from her nose that I figured if she didn't have an ear infection yet, she was bound to get one soon. The doctor will check her ears again at the 15 month appointment. If there is still fluid, then we may have to talk about putting tubes in.

Eating: Katelyn's eating habits continue to be stressful for me. She loves her milk and would be happy to get it more than 4 times a day. If she was willing to eat normal foods, then maybe I would indulge her. But, the fact remains that I need this girl to be hungry at mealtimes. Isn't that sad? Her favorite foods continue to be anything crunchy-crackers, veggie booty, snap pea crisps, and dehydrated fruit. Coming in at a close second is still yogurt. This is my lifesaver. At least I can mix some vegetables that she would never willingly eat into the yogurt and feel better that she is getting a teaspoon of green vegetables everyday.

And interestingly, as much as she loves milk, she is not excited about drinking it out of a sippy cup. She wants it in her bottle, heated for 30 seconds. Any less than that, and she won't drink it. What is that?

Sleeping: Kate is still at 2 naps a day and sleeping at night for 10-11 hours. We did have a few nights before the antibiotics where she was up screaming at 4am every morning. Sometimes milk stopped the tantrum and sometimes it didn't. Of course, a day or so later, I saw a new tooth breaking through the gum line, so I attributed the tantrums to that. Kate and Padyn still share a room at nighttime and that seems to be working out very smoothly. Both are sleeping fine at night. Occasionally we're still up with one or the other of them, but for the most part, them being in the same room has been pleasant.

Speaking of teeth, we are now at 10-four on the top, four on the bottom and two molars.

New Skills and Habits: You know when Kate wants something because she either points at it and says "BA!" or she signs "milk." I'm not sure where the connection between "milk" and "I want that" came from, except that she always wants milk. Sometimes she demands things by grunting and reaching, and other times by banging. It's pretty easy to tell when she wants something. It's just not always easy to tell what it is she wants.

She's still not walking, and appears to have no interest in it. Now, if it's something she can climb, she's all about that-the couch, her stroller, the laundry basket, Padyn's little white chair...even the coffee table. She wants to be up on everything that she can be.

She LOVES dogs. She wants to follow them around and hit them. Not that safest maneuver. It's not one I let her do very much. Fortunately, we aren't around dogs much. Maybe that's why she likes them so much.

She continues to love her big sister and copy her whenever she can. Yesterday in the car, Padyn was dancing to her new favorite song and told Kate to dance. (This dance entailed waving your arms up and down to the beat.) I looked back in the mirror and there's Kate, copying her sister. Her pudgy little arms were pumping up and down as fast as she could make them go. It was the cutest thing ever.

Yesterday she discovered the spoon. She doesn't want to have anything on this spoon, but she enjoys putting it in her mouth and banging it on her tray. I'm sure there's a way I can use this to my advantage in the eating department.

Lastly, she seems to enjoy cuddling. She'll bury her head in my chest and make cooing noises for about 5 seconds, then pick her head up and look up at me with a huge smile. It makes my heart turn to mush.


Erin said...

We had a similar problem with Avery and milk in a sippy cup. We, too, were warming up just plain whole milk in her bottles. If we tried to give it to her cold, even in the bottle, she refused it. We ended up warming it up less and less, over a week's time, and she got used to it being cold. Then, after she was drinking it cold in the bottle for a few weeks, I decided one day that she would no longer get milk in her bottle. I gave her milk in a Nuby soft spout sippy cup--and stuck to it. She hated it and only drank a few sips each time we offered it. But eventually, especially at night, she started drinking more and more and now she LOVES her milk in the sippy cup and would drink it all day long if we let her.

Sorry that's so long, but maybe it might give you ideas on how to transition Katelyn. Whenever that time comes!

p & k's mommy said...

Thanks, Erin. Someone else actually suggested the Nuby today. It's the only sippy cup their son will drink his milk out of. I'm going to go find one this weekend.

I just need to stick to my guns. The few times I've tried to heat it less and she's refused to drink it, I got paranoid about her not getting enough to eat and worried that she would be waking me up at 3am. Maybe I just need to DO IT and stop whining.

Rochelle said...

I think you can find some Nuby's at Walmart. You can also find them at Right Start in Palo Alto (on El Camino). That's where I got mine.