Friday, July 23, 2010

Photo Friday-Oregon 2010 Part I

The kids and I drove up to Oregon on Tuesday of this week to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa and Leo Dog. We've been doing the normal things...playing in the river, watching TV, getting our face painted at the fair, watching pigs race...but more on that later. Yesterday we spent the better part of the day out on the lake. As you can see from the pictures, the girls had a great time. Robbie had somewhat of a good time. He was tired, so he was a bit clingy and I don't think he liked his life jacket very much. I mean, would you? Look at the thing. But he did like the water. And the sand. Especially climbing up the steep sandy embankment. He rolled down a number of times. It didn't seem to faze him at all. And don't worry. He was wearing his life jacket the whole time, so if he had rolled into the water, he would have floated.

The girls and Grandpa first exploring the beach. They found some "rocks" that floated. I think they still think Grandpa has magic powers. (The "magic rocks" are pumice).

The girls first getting in the water with Grandpa. We beached the boat at this steep sandy slope and spent our time swimming around.Robbie trying to see the girls on the beach. I hadn't brought him down there yet, so he was a bit jealous. Testing out the waters. Ever since Kate decided she could swim this summer, she's been super eager to get in any body of water. She kept swimming out from the beach to the boat or to the inner tube, then swimming back. But she refused to jump off the boat or get in the inner tube.
We were a bit afraid of the inner tube floating away, so we made whoever was in them hold onto the rope that was tied to the boat. Padyn REALLY liked the inner tube.
Kate didn't like climbing in from the ladder as much as swimming back to the beach.
Mr. Cranky Pants fell asleep as soon as the boat started moving on our way back to the boat launch. How he could sleep sitting up in that straight jacket is beyond me.
A few close ups of the kiddos...

Well, this one isn't such a close-up...
Happy Friday.

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