Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So, so long...

It's not my fault. Really. This blog has not been updated in a couple weeks for a series of VERY GOOD REASONS.

Ok, first, there was our camping trip. Yes, yes. We actually went camping. Outside. In a trailer. With no showers and vault toilets. It's hard to believe, but the pictures to prove it are coming. So, never having done that before as a family, you can imagine how long it took me to get us all packed up. Don't even ask all the trouble Daddy had getting us ready to get out to door. But the truck runs great now!

Ok, so there was that. THEN when we got home on Labor Day afternoon, we discovered that our modem had mysteriously stopped working over the weekend. It took our phone company a week to send us a new one.

That would be two weeks covered. AND THEN yesterday, I thought one of my children had killed the laptop. It involved water and self-powering down from the computer, then the blue screen of death. I was sure we were about to part ways.

But a miracle occurred. The laptop started working again. So, before it changes it's mind, I'm going to post some pictures. Because it may be a while again, what with Auntie getting married this weekend and never really knowing what the computer will decide to do next.

Here we go. Next post up in about 30 minutes...

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