Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Skillz

Robbie is full of new skills these days. First, he's constantly standing himself up, though very rarely taking any steps. He will stand up from a squat like this......then fall forward on his hands like this. This is his method for putting oneself closer to the floor does not seem like the wisest maneuver, but we have yet to convince him to try something safer. He also have a new love of climbing on stools (and steps, but that is not pictured.) Whenever the girls and I are baking, he is desperate to be in the mix...literally. As soon as a stool is vacant, he climbs his little toosh up there...
...and shows off his dancing skills.The last one I have on video for you. Robbie has discovered the slide at the park. While he refuses to climb up the steps himself (but I know as soon as he is walking, this will be a thing of the past), he is adamant that you put him on the slide and let him go down by himself. Fortunately, he weighs so little that he stops before flying off the bottom onto the hard ground.

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