Friday, October 15, 2010

Photo Friday-Almost 18 Months Old ...

...and finally walking!

It's only taken 18 months, but Robbie has finally decided he should be a walker. Of course, I have no pictures of him walking, but I'm sure I'll get them in the next few days. He's possessed the ability to walk for at least a month, but has chosen to remain a butt scooter. But two days ago, it was like a switch had been thrown. Suddenly, walking has become the major mode of transportation for the little man. He walks back and forth, up and down the kitchen and family room, over and over again...he's just so proud of himself!

Of course, it's only been two days, so now he thinks he's ready to RUN. He's tried a few times. It always ends the same-him in a heap on the floor. But when he's excited about something, it doesn't seem to matter. These next couple weeks are going to be a hoot, let me tell you.

Now, even though I have no pictures of him walking, I decided I'd just dedicate this Photo Friday to random close ups of Robbie. Eighteen months old on Sunday!

Happy Friday!

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Erin said...

Yay! A walking boy!