Saturday, October 23, 2010

Photo Saturday-Cool Patch (seriously-that's the name of the pumpkin patch)

Last Saturday, when it wasn't raining, we heading out to the best pumpkin patch in the universe. It's more than a patch, really. It's a whole fall extravagance. World's Largest Corn Maze (which we did last night, but that's another blog entry), thousands of pumpkins still on the vine, haystack pyramid, haystack maze, 4 man tricycles, little pink houses, and course, the corn bath. Really, we should have just gone for the corn bath. That's where all 11 children wanted to spend their time. That's right...these children right here...

I took my camera, all ready to get some get great pumpkin shots to add to my collection from years past. Unfortunately, 6 shots in, my battery died. And one more shot later, my back-up battery died! Good thing there were a few other mommies there with their cameras. Otherwise all I'd have to show you would be this photo....

and this photo...

...and this photo that sort of proves that Robbie is now walking.

Oh. And this one.

And thank goodness I got this photo. I really need to capture these fashion moments, don't you think?But I would not have been able to show you the first photos of all the kiddos, or of these next few in the corn bath. Really. It was the best $3 per kid I spent all week. We were hoping to go back today, but somehow I don't think the corn bath would be as fun wet as it was dry.

Corn AngelPadyn's BFF being buried in the corn.
I'm not really sure of why this was so much fun, but these girls loved putting the kernels in their shirts. I think the joy came from releasing the corn rather than collecting it.Sorry the weather isn't cooperating or I'd have more photos for you today. Luckily the patch is open until Nov. 7th, so I'm sure we will be making at least one trip back before the corn (and pumpkins) disappear until next Fall.
Happy (wet) Saturday.

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Susan said...

I want to see those 4 man trikes! Those sound totally fun. I think Pumpkin patches are way cooler than Disneyland.