Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Verbal Ability

Robbie is a man of few words. Literally. Few. But I thought I'd share them with you anyway...just in case you ever try to have a conversation with him, you'll know what to center it on.

Mommy! (Always said emphatically)-Mommy
Daddy! (see above)-Daddy or Paci
Dadda-Daddy or Padyn or Katelyn
Cah! (see above)-car
BAH! (ditto)-ball
ng-anything that he doesn't know how to say but wants to make you get for him, like Daddy's truck, a much loved book, or some tasty morsel on the counter
uh oh-uh oh, dang, didn't mean to drop that, or totally meant to drop that but want you to think it was an accident
bye-bye-always accompanied by waving
panting like a dog-dog

He makes a lot of noises much of the time, but we have yet to decipher their meaning. He's very good at screaming, but lately it's for joy, not frustration. I'm sure that will change.


kjb said...

Gabriel and Robbie would completely understand each other! We need to get these boys together. Speaking of which, we're driving from Eugene to Modesto around Dec. 15. Maybe we can manage a quick stop in your neck of the woods if you'll be around. Happy belated birthday to Padyn. - Love, K, J, N & G

The Captain said...

Interesting that Daddy and Paci are the same word in some instances.I can understand that, I like him too.Men are so simple, we really don't need much. Mostly just food and toys. And stuff we can break of course.

Cozy Mom said...

And now you can add "GO" as he speaks to Grandma's television when we pause it. After only a week at Grandma's with cable and DVR he learned that one quickly!