Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We Love Baby Animals

The pumpkin patch we went to last week had an extensive petting zoo. Well, petting farm, really. For a nominal fee, the kids were able to roam around with baby pigs and goats, hold kittens and bunnies, and pet and brush ponies, a calf and a few sheep. We can't forget the miniature pony or the ducklings. Or Kate's favorite...the baby chicks.Robbie's squeals of delight could be heard throughout most of the county. He was giddy from start to finish. I was amazed that he wasn't frightened by the animals. He walked right up (usually yelling his happy yell) and gently pet his new farm friends. Thankfully those little animals were extremely tolerant.This was Kate's favorite...the baby chicks. She really couldn't hold them. They were a little to jumpy and scratchy. But she loved petting them. When I asked her why she liked them so much she said, "They made me laugh because they were goofing around so much."Here the three girls are sitting and watching the ducklings dine.
Robbie was fascinated by the chickens. I didn't let him go in the enclosure because I was afraid he would chase those poor chickens around. Here he is screaming at that nice black and white one.I think the baby pygmy goats were Robbie's favorite. They were definitely my favorite. I really want a goat.
The kittens were Padyn's favorite. She could have spent all afternoon holding them. Now she is asking for one for her birthday and Christmas. Why does she love them so? "Because they are SOOOOO cute!"
More pygmy babies... Next year, we are getting the season pass.

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Thanks for the post. You have such beautiful children. They must get it from you.