Friday, April 22, 2011

Photo Friday-Non-Aquatic Hawaiian Activities

We spent two weeks in Hawaii, but we didn't just hang out at the pool and the beach. Don't misunderstand me...that's certainly what we MAINLY did. But there are other ways to pass your time in the islands. You might be like my two year old son that decided he did not want anything to do with water or sand. Where does that leave you, you might be asking? Well, here's some pointers on what you can do in Hawaii without actually getting in the water.

Lounge on the grass BY the beach (preferably in the shade) and color, or do school work, or read that trashy novel that you never have time for.Play with your grandparents.Shop.Take hula dancing lessons, especially if they are free.

Lounge about in your pjs, eating cereal while watching TV. Don't ever bother to make the bed.

The more you lounge, the better. Take lots and lots of pictures of your kids. You must always get a group photo of your children with at least one of them having a tantrum...

...or trying to climb into a fountain. Bonus points if it is the same child in each picture.
Never ever leave Hawaii before you have seen some fish...preferably at an aquarium.

And you should always find at least one turtle to play with while in Hawaii. If you can climb on it, then all the better.

Attempt a large family portrait with matching clothes on your last day in paradise. The more children that you have to wrangle to get to look at the camera with some semblance of a pleasant facial expression, the better.

It's so much fun just getting the babies to look at the camera... ...while squinting in the sun (or snarling if you are Kate).

And, of course...playing in the sand at the beach. This does not require you to actually set foot in the water. The prettier your dress, the better.

You can do all this and more. But, really...nothing is as good as playing in the waves when you are in Hawaii. Padyn highly recommends it.

Happy Friday.

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Susan said...

Wow, you had the whole family there! Awesome!