Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo Friday-Last Days

Summer has officially arrived for us. The rain ended on Monday, no one got the stomach flu that has been going around, we hit the mid 80's, and the girls finished school. Yippee!

Here are some photos from their last days of school. Katelyn was done on Wednesday and Padyn finished yesterday. Now we are relaxing at the lake with Grandpa and Mimi for a couple days before we head back and tackle summer vacation.

Kate receiving her award of "Most Imaginative and Creative Superstar" from Ms. K

Best buds...sadly, we are losing one to another town. She moves this weekend. Kate is very sad about it. Mommy is very sad to be losing her friend, too. But we will be visiting!

Katelyn with her loving teachers, Ms. J and Ms. K. Thank you, ladies for being just the teachers Kate needed. We will miss you!

Robbie has to wait another year before he can be in preschool. He is going to be very unhappy that he doesn't get to come visit anymore. But I'm sure I'll have just as hard of a time getting him to leave Kate's kindergarten classroom.

Padyn's class had "Closing Cermonies" yesterday. Here she is waiting for her certificate.Getting her certificate from Ms. D. We will miss her, too! But at least we get to still visit on a regular basis...

As usual, Padyn was reluctant to take a picture with her sister...

I love how Robbie wanted to be in the picture, but not really...

Paypay and Corcor...future 3rd graders.

Future kindergartners...fighting crime and learning to read. And yes. Kate and C coordinated their outfits. They had a superhero playdate while the big kids were still at school.

Padyn and Bella...always happy to be together.

Happy Friday! Hope you are getting to enjoy the beginning of summer, too!

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