Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tahoe Days

Enjoy these few pictures from our trip to the lake the weekend before last. They may be the last photos you see for a little while. Something is up with my camera. It doesn't show me the pictures it has taken. It takes them, then I get no preview on my camera or on the computer. I think it's my memory card, but until I have a few hours to sit down with the computer and do some research, I am not going to figure it out. And until more photos.

But, here are a few to enjoy...

Now, you need to understand that when we were in Tahoe, it had still been snowing the week or so before. There were still piles of snow in our parking lot...right on the lake. Not big piles, but still...I haven't seen that much snow up there in June ever.

Still, it was summer vacation, and there was a pool, so even though it was only about 60 degrees outside, the girls wanted to go swimming. Here you see them checking it out...

...but very quickly after their initial assessment, they were in. I don't know how. So. Stinking. Cold.

Somehow they convinced Daddy that he should go in, too. They didn't stay in very long. Just long enough for their lips to turn blue.

This was at a park down on the lake. You can see that it is still brisk weather by my children's' attire. But it was sunny and beautiful. And the lake was still the hit of the weekend...Robbie enjoyed hanging out on the pier with Grandpa.

The girls stayed busy created sand masterpieces. That is, if you call large holes in the sand masterpieces.


Ro said...

Brandon would have called large holes in the sand masterpieces. He would have helped create them!

Susan said...

Did you try reformatting your card? That would be an easy fix if it worked.