Sunday, July 03, 2011

Run Away

We went to the park last weekend. The park is alongside of a school. A school that has another play structure on the other side of the blacktop. Another play structure that Robbie really wanted to play on. He saw his chance and took off (probably when he thought we weren't looking). Just being curious as to how far he'd actually go by himself, we let him. This is how far his journey took him...

You probably can't even see him in this picture. I didn't zoom in so you'd have a sense of how far he went. This is the point he stopped. Not quite to the other playground, but pretty darn close. If you squint and look to the left of the farthest basketball hoop in the center of the blacktop, that little tiny speck is my defiant son. (I love how you can see Daddy hiding behind the tree, ready to race after Robbie, just in case.)

And then he decided that since no one came with him, he should come back.

Just a picture of things to come, right?

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