Friday, July 01, 2011

Photo Friday-New Memory Card

Our week started last Saturday when Aunt Hezzie, Uncle Greggie and Cousin Tommy came for a very quick visit. And along with them came a new memory card for my camera! For whatever reason, around image number 500 on my old card, the images were warped. So now I have a new, bigger card, thanks to the abundance of memory cards owned by Hezzie and Greggie. I've never been able to hold 1000 photos on my camera before. I'm not sure if I like this new found freedom. I'm afraid I'll never organize my photos again!

But I don't need to worry about that now. Here are some shots from the week instead.

Here is Tommy watching his cousin Robbie run around like a crazy person on the playground. Robbie was surprisingly nice about sharing his toys. Maybe he doesn't feel threatened since Tommy isn't going to run away with them. The day after Cousin Tommy left, we headed out to Papa and BonBon's house for a couple days. Robbie and Kate (but mostly Robbie) immediately reconnected with Ollie.

Ollie was pretty happy with all the attention until Robbie tried to step over him. Not step on him, just over. For whatever reason, that really made Ollie nervous. He jumped up, leaving Robbie crying after being unceremoniously knocked to the ground. Robbie was a bit more cautious the rest of the week. But it certainly didn't stop him from giving Ollie love.

While we spent hours visiting people, much of our short visit was spent in the pool. Well....the girls spent their time in the pool. Robbie spent time on the couch watching Cars. He is still not willing to go swimming this summer.

I think this is the first year Kate has willingly jumped off the hot tub or diving board. Her hesitation with swimming seems to be a thing of the past. Now if we could just get her brother to follow suit.

I think Padyn calls this her "surfer girl" jump.

And now we are home and Padyn has some flu fever virus thingo. She is mostly acting normal today, but I'm just waiting for the other two kids to get it. Kate had a bit of a fever yesterday morning and today, but she has been acting normally for both days. Padyn was certainly pathetic yesterday, but as I write this, she is busy playing some make believe game about cats with Kate. I think she feels better. Hopefully we won't be stuck at home for many more days. We are supposed to go to a big family reunion this weekend...we'll see.

Happy Friday.

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