Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tis the Season...

On Sunday night I created this spectacular post with witty comments and enticing captions....then blogger didn't save it. And now..., I'm too tired and lazy to try to recreate it. So instead, I'll give you the cliff notes version of the following photos.

What: Two Christmas plays at two different churches
Main Characters: Padyn and Katelyn

Why: Because it is Christmas, and variations on the nativity scene are plentiful

And now, for you viewing enjoyment, Christmas Play #1:

Lots of angels. Robbie refused to be a stable creature.

Angels, post play.

Play #2



Yes, yes. Sandpipers and flowers were present at the birth of Jesus. What? That's not in your bible?

See...there is Baby Jesus, among the flowers, stallions, a lion, sandpipers, and woodland creatures.

May your Christmas be filled with just as many miracles....

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The Capt. said...

Just went through the blogs since NOV again. Wonderful pictures and narrative. I especially liked the Padyn birthday one. The Christmas angels are beautiful and I don't blame Robbie for not wanting to be a Donkey or some other animal.I'm sure it would have come out in counseling later.I vote Funland as best pictures since NOV.(and of course the new heading picture) All our love to all of you.Thanks for the C. Card.