Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo Friday-Christmas Day

As always, it was a lucrative Christmas in our household this year. As well as busy. We manage to open presents at 4 different houses in the span of 31 hours, ate countless cookies, and spread good cheer (and germs) to most of our close relatives. Here's a photo perspective of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. More photos to come....

Robbie won for the biggest present this year. It is a new train table for his new trains (and his 32 million cars...)Padyn and Katelyn...happy as can be that Christmas had finally arrived.

This was the Christmas of Lightening McQueen for Robbie. That will be a whole other blog post. But you can see here that one of his favorite presents was his LM jammies. He demanded to put them on right away. And yes....he is pushing around two LM's.

Padyn got her much needed bigger rollerblades. I don't recommend skating in fancy dresses, though.

The big hit Christmas morning was Robbie's new GeoTraks. I bought them (and two other sets) at our rummage sale this fall. We are only giving him one set at a time. Everyone loves playing with them. Daddy was particularly excited to put them together Christmas Eve after the kids were in bed.

Maybe Robbie is unhappy because he is jealous that this isn't actually his new beanie?

This is not his new headlight, either.

Kate is dashing in this wig headband from Mimi and Grandpa.

Padyn is starting softball this fall, so to prepare her, Papa got her a new bat, mitt and softball.

More photos to come late. For now, Happy Friday and Happy New Year!

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