Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lightening McQueen Christmas

Christmas of 2011 will go down in Robbie's history as "The Christmas of Lightening McQueen.' Here are just a few pictures him with some of his new speed demon products. I say "some" because these photos do not capture the new blanket and pillow for his bed, the socks, the jacket, the white board, the book, or the remote control Lightening. These only show....

The "Shake Car Lightening"

Two of the three Lightening matchcars

The Lightening McQueen PJsThe first Lightening toy he opened

Today, he told me that he wanted to see the other Cars movie. I guess he finally figured out that there is another one. I don't know how, because that was one of the few Cars things he did NOT get this Christmas....the Cars 2 movie. I guess that will be on his birthday list.


Mindy said...

Jay is our Cars 2 movie fanatic. Unlike Robbie, he received that movie from his Aunt and Uncle this Christmas. Matt and I took Jay to see Cars 2 as his first ever movie in the theater last summer.

The Cpatain said...

I can see Robbies kids on Antique Roadshow now with a complete LM menagerie they found in the attic valued at $700,000.00.