Wednesday, April 25, 2012

First of Many Dental Visits

Now that the big man is 3 years old, there are many things that are changing in his life. The major one is that that he no longer gets his pacifier. So far, it has not been too painful of a process. (But please do not speak of this matter to him. It only causes hysteria and tears. The paci has become that which must not be named). But on the bright side, I will now allow him to chew gum. His first two endeavors in that realm ended well, so I believe that this is a trend that can continue.

Today Robbie experienced another perk (only to some) of being 3-visiting the dentist. The first visit to the dentist usually just consists of having Dr. M look in your mouth and having the hygienist show you all the "fun teeth toys." No one actually expects to do a cleaning or any serious dental work on the first visit.

But Robbie was such a willing dental patient, that not only did Dr. M get to look at all the boy's teeth with his magic mirror, the hygienist actually managed to clean and put fluoride on his teeth! And there was no complaining or crying on Robbie's part. He was a very, happy, willing participant in this process. See for yourself....

Of course, the movie on the ceiling piped through the headphones might have helped a bit...

This afternoon he actually asked to GO BACK to the dentist. Can you believe that? What a kid.

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