Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Katie Bug

I firmly believe that we are born with our personality. My daughter continually confirms this for me.

6 years ago today, she came into the world abruptly and swiftly. She decided it was time and out she came, whether I liked it or not.

Not much has changed 6 years later.

Katelyn marches to her own drum. She always has. It is a good thing that she has always been so cute...

katelyn at 15 months
She is a performer who doesn't really want to be in an actual performance. She is an extrovert who doesn't want to play with her friends. She loves clothes and shoes and hair ribbons, but continues to wear the same outfit until I make her put it in the dirty clothes. And don't even start me on brushing her hair. She wants chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that she is not ever going to eat. That she is puzzling is to put it mildly. But yet...with that craziness comes great, positive emotion. She LOVES to see you. She will kiss you until you think your cheeks will fall off. She is excited about stuff...not everything, but lots of things. She moves from sad to happy very rapidly. It's easy to convince her that life is good. She loves almost everyone.

And today was her day. She had been ramping up for it for the last 2 weeks. "How many days NOW until my birthday, Mommy?" I thought she might blow a gasket this morning, she was so excited. But no. She made it through the day, the cake, the treats and the presents. No tantrums or drama to speak of. She even went to bed without a fuss even though we could not find her brand new American Girl Doll Kitten.

Wow. I guess my baby girl really is maturing. Who knew?

Happy Birthday, Katelyn. We love you dearly. Even when you make us want to pull our hair out. We love you dearly.


The Captain said...

Happy Birthday Kate! Nice writeup, well done!


Belated Happy Birthday Kate...We met you just once..in San Francisco 2007..but it's been lovely to watch you grow via your Mum's blog over the years...Zoe the dog almost shares your birthday but not your age...she was born 04.04.04...so happy birthday to to two of my favourite girlies XXX