Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day (Photo Blunders)

All I wanted for Father's Day was one good photo of the three monsters so I could send them off to the Grand Dads. Is that really too much to ask? One photo?

Apparently, for these three jokesters, it is....see for yourself. And these are just some of the several. Of the twenty I took, only one was semi-decent. (And no-it isn't here. That was reserved for grandparentals' eyes only).

Happy Father's Day all you fabulous Daddys out there!


The Captain said...

Just wait until you try to do Christmas Pictures during the Teenage Years. You will loooong for these days. Thanks for the nice picture by the way.

Susan said...

It's hard to believe they are all so big. Especially Robbie. I feel like I've missed it all. But really what is amazing me right now is that all your kids are super blond. And tan too. How the heck did that happen?