Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jumping Boy (and Random Sisterly Background Noise)

We spent the last weekend at the lake, where it was SO COLD FOR THE END OF JUNE! That did not stop the kids from wanting to go swimming. Who wouldn't want to swim in 90 degree water? Even if it is only 55 degrees outside and windy. But it was a good thing we did decide to let them swim, because this was the day Robbie decided he could jump into the pool all by himself. No help from Mommy or Daddy or Sisters. All. By. Himself. You can see that he can also get himself back to the steps alone. Try to ignore the noise being made by the girls. I don't know what game they were playing, but it involved Mommy and Baby and Tango-ing. Yes. They were doing the Tango in the pool. I have no idea.

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