Friday, October 24, 2008

Photo Friday-Late Autumn Afternoons and Random Updates

This is still how we spend our late afternoons before dinner. Although, when it's still 80 degrees during the day, it doesn't really seem like Autumn.Whenever Kate sees anything Halloweenish, she says, "How-een is coming!" It's usually followed up by "I be a Yady Bug for How-een!" Great. She was a ladybug last year. The costume still fits. Less work for Mommy.Padyn has quickly adapted to kindergarten. She loves her teacher and some of the other kids in her class, especially one of the little boys. He broke his leg a couple weeks ago and is in a wheelchair now. Padyn likes him so much, she's willing to give up her lunch recess on the "big kids' playground" to play games with Mr. G.Kate hasn't adjusted to kindergarten as well as Padyn has. If I need to be home during that time, she gets extremely bored and just wants to watch TV the whole time. It's like she really can't figure out what to do when Padyn's not around. Well, that or she's so excited to finally get to choose the video, she just wants a chance to watch what she wants while Padyn's not home.Potty training for Kate is going well. Her pull-ups are usually always dry and I don't remember seeing a poppy diaper this week. I would put her in underwear, but the days I tried it she peed in them after her nap both days in a row. (She was in a pull-up for her nap, and then when I switched her back to underwear, she would pee.) I don't like pee on my carpet, so it was back to pull-ups. Which she hates, by the way. Oh, but that's the next update...Kate is a very strange child, and is driving us crazy in the car. She seems to have an aversion to wearing clothes in her carseat. As soon as she sits down in her carseat, she arches her back and whines, "It's buggin' me!" She could be referring to her shirt, her pants/skirt or her diaper. I don't always know. I know she doesn't like buttons or bows on her back and apparently pockets on her pants are also a problem. If I don't take the offending clothes off, she spends the entire car ride screaming at the top of her lungs and spitting. Oh. So. Fun. It's always an internal battle-do I just give in beforehand and take her clothes off? Or do I decide she needs to get used to it and just let her scream? Such a dilemma.Oh, Padyn hates homework. Who doesn't? Sorry, Padyn. You better get used to it.Padyn can now spell cat and other words that rhyme with it, as well as the, go, I, she, like, my, look, to, are, you, and a. Her class is memorizing sight words and she can read 22 out of 24 of them.

I think it's time to get Kate a little bike. She loved riding our neighbor's two wheeler (with training wheels, of course). Maybe a Christmas present.
Happy Friday. Hope your weekend is a bit calmer than mine in going to be.


Cozy Mom said...

Ahhh, the you too have a child with clothing particulars. just wait! my advice is start buying things without buttons, bows or zippers anywhere. it makes it easier. My daily clothing battle with Bella has been reduced to long or short sleeves, skirt with or without pants under it. I figure if she is dressed weather appropriate I can let go of the rest. I just have to realize I am NOT a bad mom because me kid doesn't match.

Erin said...

Can I just say I love K's bike helmet? Yes, I know, it's just a bike helmet but, CUTE! On her! Where did you get it? I'm finding that Walmart and Target don't carry helmets small enough for Avery's head.