Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo Friday-Close Encounters

I really need to be good about Photo Friday, especially since Fridays mark the weeks of young Robert's life. I forgot to post last Friday, which was his 4 week old marker. I almost forgot to get a picture of him, but at the last minute I remembered...I think I took 3. This one is the best...

Robbie at 4 weeks These close-ups were taken today. You can see that the girls are usually into having their pictures taken. They really enjoy having their picture taken with their brother. (Tune in later this week for those pictures. I promise they will be up. PROMISE!)

Padyn...never shy for the camera...Kate...she has a great smile, doesn't she?Baby Robbie...I have a few others, but really, they all look like this. Here he is at 5 weeks...Here are the "warm-up" shots of the girls...almost smiling, almost comfortable with the fat lens right up in their face...but not quite. This is a nice "not quite" shot as well. His mouth is all deformed from the paci and you can see the skin sloughing off his forehead if you look closely enough...NICE.

Happy Friday!


Erin said...

He is looking more and more like the girls now that he's not all squishy and newborn-ish. And the paci is about as big as he is! I hope you are getting some rest; I can only imagine how it is having a baby and two older children who need your attention as well.

Mommy Jules said...

I think Robbie looks sort of like Joel in the top picture, but more like you in the other two. I guess he is a beautiful mix of you two. How is it going?