Saturday, June 06, 2009

Small Comparison

I found this just now while I was searching back through old posts to figure out when Kate first smiled. I'm a bit desperate for Robbie to smile just to make the gassy nights worth it...

Doesn't she look so much different than he does at 6 weeks? Robert is alert these days, but Kate looked like she was ready to engage you in conversation compared to him. And she's so much bigger looking!

Of course, I have to remember that Kate was only (only!) ten days early while Robbie was 26 days ahead of schedule. I wonder how that 16 day difference will translate out.

I wish I had been blogging when Padyn was born...then we could find her "First Smile" post, too. But I wasn't. So, when I find my photo albums, I'll go through hers and see when that first smile appeared on her lips. She was 21 days early...a much better comparison for young Robert.

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Mommy Jules said...

I know a smile would be great, but remember he was in the oven about 2 weeks shorter than Kate. Plus as a mom of boys, I do think the little guys catch on a little bit slower than the girls.