Friday, June 05, 2009

Photo Friday-Take One

Since I missed Photo Friday last week and some people (I won't name names) where very upset about it, I decided I'd do two photo posts today to make up for it. The first here is a bunch of random photos taken over the last 10 days or so. These all seem to have the theme of "playtime." I didn't plan it that way, it just sort of happened.
Padyn had a special play day at school earlier this week. She came home with many new creations and a couple paintings on her face. She loved this butterfly, but is not happy today since the butterfly is gone, but a few streaks of pink still remain on her face. (What is in that pink paint that makes it immune to soap and scrubbing?)The blocks have become a favorite toy again this last week. Maybe it's because we now have a large expanse of floor where they can be laid out in all their glory. Here's the "castle" that Padyn was extremely proud of. She demanded I take a picture of it. I am quite impressed...As you can see, Kate's castle creation is not quite on the same playing field as Padyn's, but she was much more interested in knocking Padyn's buildings down than building one of her own. But she did manage to get a little one together. I think I may have helped with its construction...Robbie received this little Dalmatian puppy from these guys and it has become a focal point on the changing table. This shot makes it look like he is reaching out to grab it, which of course he is not. He doesn't have that kind of control yet. But he does seem to enjoy staring at the dog.And lastly, as always seems to be the case with baby toys, Kate decided Robbie's toy was more fun than her own. She was SOOOOO excited about this one because it's the Baby Einstein theme. Recently with Mommy being preoccupied with nursing 15 times a day, Kate has had the pleasure of watching more videos than usual. She discovered the Baby Einsten ones, which she had never gotten to watch before (because Padyn didn't want to watch them anymore). She particularly enjoys the water animal one, so when she saw this playmat, she thought she she'd hit the lottery.Happy Friday! Enjoy your playtime this weekend.

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I think there is Solent Green in pink face paint:>