Friday, January 08, 2010

Photo Friday-Winter Vacation

I figured since the girls got two weeks off of school, I should get two weeks off, too. And since the laundry, the dishes, the dustbunnies, and the kids would never dream of letting me have two weeks free of them, I decided to take two weeks off blogging. Ok, wasn't really a conscious decision. It just sort of happened. But it sounds good, right?

So, here's what we did over our winter break, in no particular order...

Played dress a box...(She really is able to get all the way in there and close the lid. She wants me to lock it, but I refuse.)
...and while pretending to pray.
We ate...
...lots of cheerios (I mean really...LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!)

...and a few things we probably shouldn't have eaten.We went to the snow with our cousins. (This is our only snow picture due to the fact it was really SNOWING and I didn't want to subject my camera to that.)We went to the coast with our newest cousin (also not pictured)...
...and watched the surfers. It was a big wave day, so lots of surfers.
We played... our tent with our books on our jumpy-thingo......with our cousins......and with each other.Of course, there was also Christmas in there...
but since we opened presents no less than four times, those pictures will be for another post.Other happenings over our break that could not be photographed...
*Everyone got a cold
*Robbie cut his third tooth (and it's his upper lateral incisor...freak child!)
*We didn't sleep well most nights (see previous statement)
*Robbie started eating real food other than Cheerios (though Cheerios are probably still his favorite chewable food)
*We said good-bye for six months to our good friends and Padyn's BFF (Australia is so far away!)
*We now have 2 working bathrooms! YIPEE!
*We made a lot of cookies that didn't require baking, watched a lot of TV, played with friends and slept in.

All in all, a very pleasant break.
Happy Friday!


Ro said...

You look smashing in your dress up accessories!

Captain said...

Thanks. We've been really missing the updates, especially during the Christmas Season. The kids and you look GREAT! SO CUTE!