Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nine Months Old Today

Here he is...the big man. And today he is nine months old.

He loves to play and smile......almost as much as he loves to eat.Update will come after his 9 month appointment in a couple weeks. But for now I'll leave you with a picture of his newest development...his new top teeth.

Do you see them? He isn't getting his center teeth first. He's getting his lateral incisors. Those of the ones next to the center top teeth. What a strange kid.What will he look like if those middle ones don't come in right away? Padyn is already referring to him as a vampire. I wonder if she really knows what a vampire is...


Brand New Momma said...

Wow, the next time I see him he'll be a year. It's hard to believe. I always thought the middle ones had to come first... so either the middle ones will drop super fast, the lateral ones will recess, or I will have to shift my teething beliefs.

Mommy Jules said...

One of mine did the two top lateral incisors first, I don't remember who though. I think it was Sean.