Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of Second Grade-Postponed

Today is the first day of school for Padyn. Unfortunately, Padyn is currently in the kitchen at home playing with homemade playdoh instead of sitting at her desk doing something slightly more academic. She woke up this morning with a fever, sore throat, and stomach ache. In fact, all three children have a fever today. Robbie's could be caused by teeth coming in and Kate's....well, we all know that Katelyn gets almost every illness that comes within a mile of our house. She had a fever a week and a half ago, then again about 6 days ago, and now again. What is it with this child?

But back to Padyn. After carefully picking out her back to school outfit last night, putting everything in her backpack, and being mentally prepared to start 2nd grade, this morning came as a shocking disappointment to say the least. We did still take her to school (after calling ahead to make sure it was ok). She met her teacher, saw her desk, and carefully said hi to some friends. Then we headed home.

Ironically, Padyn almost missed the last day of school last year due to the stomach flu. She missed the second and third to last days of school, then managed to be upright enough to pull off the final day. Apparently we just don't do transition well.

Maybe tomorrow we'll have some second-first-day-of-second-grade pictures to share. And hopefully some pictures of Kate's first visit to her new classroom. But that's only if the fever monster decides to take up residence elsewhere.

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Melissa Chuidian said...

So sad to hear that. Do you know if strep throat is going around by you? It is by us and whenever my girls get it they have a sore throat, tummy ache and fever. Hope she feels better soon!