Saturday, August 21, 2010

Photos! (but not many....) Update! (but there's not too much to say)

So, Daddy finally returned home after his month long deployment. Everyone was very happy to see him walk off the airplane. Well, Robbie was kind of unsure of who he was, but that only lasted until the next morning. Then he was giddy again every time he saw his daddy.

To welcome him home, the girls made this sign. We also made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and home made mint chip ice cream, per the girls' request. Katelyn, of course, didn't like either of them. Robbie did, though. He freaked out every time you carried him past the cookie Tupperware and continued to have a fit until you gave him some cookie. He loves cookies. This big guy is now 16 months old. He's not walking yet, but why? He's so fast with his tripod butt scoot that he really doesn't need to walk. He is doing the following, though:

Standing without holding onto something
Climbing onto anything he can-the couch, a stool, into the bathtub (he hasn't managed to get all the way in yet)
Sliding down slides by himself
Saying his very mangled version of "hello," "Momma," Dadda," and (I think) "Up."
Eating crayons
Pouring water on his head in the bath

He's very verbal without actually communicating anything. He'll repeat the same nonsensical phrase over and over, but we have no idea what intellectual point he is trying to make. I think he also tries to sing.
Robbie's new favorite activity-reading. He'll fit right into this family.

Padyn starts second grade on Wednesday of this week. I'm ready for her to go back to school. While she can be very sweet and helpful when she feels like it, we've been butting heads quite a bit over the last few weeks. I think she needs someone besides me to give her directions all day long. Nothing really new between the two of these ladies. One day they are best friends and can play beautifully for hours. Then, without warning, they are worst enemies and I become the referee for the remainder of the day.Katelyn technically starts school next Thursday morning, but doesn't really start back on a regular schedule until the 1st of September. I am ready for her to return to school, too. I'm happy to let someone else struggle with getting her to listen to them. She's pretty excited about going into PreK and getting to go to school four days a week.

Lately she's been really into coloring, usually in her coloring books, but she wanted to pull out the paints a couple weeks ago, which is what is happening in this picture. I am amazed at how coordinated her drawing and coloring have become lately. It's hard to tell in this picture, but really, it's impressive. She can draw and cut out hearts, draw very rudimentary people and animals, and color within the lines. Not that she stays within the lines in other parts of her life...While I am happy to be getting back to school and routine, I know Robbie is going to be sad without his sisters around all morning long. But, he'll probably just spend more time doing this....

Happy Saturday!

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