Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching Up

Clearly I've been on a vacation from blogging lately. Somehow I just haven't been able to find the time. So we'll start with something easy...Christmas.

Christmas came a bit early this year. The girls' first present actually arrived before Thanksgiving, but it was a couple more weeks before we could put it together. These awesome bunk beds have literally doubled the size of the girls' bedroom. They are super excited about their new beds. But clearly, it hasn't really helped keep the room tidy...Another early present for the to the Nutcracker ballet. Surprisingly, both girls enjoyed it. I wasn't sure since they are so sensitive to anything slightly suspenseful or a tiny bit frightening. Kate did ask me to cover her eyes while she covered her ears when the Nutcracker was fighting the King of the Mice. And other than wishing it was over about 15 minutes before it ended (because she was bored), she thought it was great. Padyn also loved it. When I asked her what her favorite part was, her reply was, "All of it."
Here they are demonstrated what they had seen that afternoon. Oh, and Robbie wanted to get in on the picture, too.
Christmas continued to come early. We let the girls open their present from Uncle Greggie and Aunt Hezzie the day before Christmas Eve. Thanks, guys, for our AWESOME new game!
I skipped a day of photos, but we celebrated with Grandma and Auntie and Bella and Trevor on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Day found us at home in the morning opening our presents from each other. Still in our jammies. We were all a bit tired as Katelyn was up coughing most of the night and Robbie was awake every couple hours with, what we figured out a few days later, was hand foot and mouth disease.

Only an hour later, the house was in complete chaos...

Christmas continued...more presents, more houses, more family. Kate and Robbie didn't get to participate in all of it since the were ill. But they didn't mind sitting around watching TV with Daddy while Padyn and I celebrated at Grammie's house.
And after it all...all the presents I mean, the clear winner for Katelyn was the last one she opened at Papa and BonBon's house. Can you tell what it is from the picture?
Even when I tell you it's a unicorn pillow pet, you still might not know what it is. But don't worry. If you come over, it will be the first thing she shows you.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


The Captain said...

Thanks Mom, we have missed your blog very much.

Susan said...

I missed it too. What a great idea for the storage on the bunk beds. And Ella would love to get her hands on a unicorn pillow pet. If she knew one existed I'd never here the end of it. Sounds like your Christmas was lots of fun except for that whole hand foot mouth thing.